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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Home, Part 1 (#206):

Act 1:
The standoff continues on the Astral Queen. Roslin intercedes and asks who Helo is. He tells her who he is. Lee tells her that he was Sharon's ECO and then wonders if Helo is a Cylon. Roslin says that the two of them will put their weapons down and Sharon will be put in the brig. Once Helo puts his weapon down, Roslin orders her out an airlock. Lee tells them that another Sharon shot his father. Helo pleads with Kara to tell them that Sharon saved their lives. Lee tells Kara that the other Sharon shot his father twice. Kara asks after the commander and Lee tells her that he survived after two emergency surgeries. As they are dragging Sharon away, she says she knows where the Tomb of Athena is and asks if they do. After she is led out of the room, Kara gives Roslin the Arrow of Apollo. Roslin then tells them to take Sharon somewhere that she can talk to her. Lee has a wisecrack for Kara as he walks out. In Adama's quarters on Galactica, Tigh and Adama are going through possible candidates for a new CAG. Tigh makes a suggestion of Meuller, which Adama is lukewarm to. Just then, Lieutenant George Birch enters. Adama gets up and tells him that he is the new CAG, presents him with his Captain's bars, then gives him a speech about the ship being a family and about trust. After he leaves, Tigh is ticked that Adama had already picked a new CAG before their meeting. Tigh also does not seem to be in favor of the particular choice of Birch. In the briefing room, Adama enters to a room full of clamoring press. He makes a statement about the losses to the fleet and overcoming them. The press (Playa Palacios, I believe) then asks whether he will go after Roslin and bring the fleet back together. He says that Roslin is no longer president, because of her role in mutiny. Palacios presses him to answer the question. He emphatically replies that no one who left wasn't replacable by those who are loyal and remained and concludes with "THIS is the fleet." As he is leaving, another reporter (Sekou Hamilton) asks Adama if it's true that there is no Earth and that he made it up. Adama gets hot and says that he will lock anyone who propagates that story. He walks out, followed by Tigh, who tells him to calm down. Adama tells him to remind him to not do that again. Tigh comments that it always looked easy when Roslin was talking to the press. As he and Tigh walk down the hall, they pass Baltar. Baltar recalls that as a boy he used to go to a nearby river and enjoy the simple pleasure of watching fish attempt to swim upstream. His inner Six says that he's seeing humanity as the Cylons do. He says he's seeing Cylons everywhere and wishes he had asked Sharon who the eight Cylons are, cursing that Cally had shot her before he could find out. Six refers to the humans as 'they', which he questions. She tells him to relax and let destiny take over, since humanity always self-destructs. On the Astral Queen, Sharon is telling Roslin that she is carrying Helo's baby and is in love with him. Roslin gets flippant with her about her true intentions, since she is a Cylon after all. Sharon says she came by her own choice, implying she knew the resks. Sharon then warns Roslin that finding the tomb will be too high a price. Roslin say she knows that the Cylons are on Kobol. She says that it comes down to Sharon staying alive only by showing Roslin where the tomb is. Sharon says that "we all know about the Tomb," that she knows the path and that Roslin will have to move "very,very quickly."

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