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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Home, Part 1 (#206):

Act 2:
Roslin tells Lee, Zarek, Meier and Elosha that Sharon says she's in love with Helo and her baby. Meier doesn't care about what Sharon says. Elosha chimes in that the prophecies speak of a "lower demon" that helped them. Zarek comments about "more superstitions." Roslin says she told her that if she doesn't show them the way to the tomb that she would have Helo spaced as a collaborator. Roslin says that she saved Helo and Kara for know reason. Roslin says she believes that Sharon "thinks" she's in love and wants the father of her child to live. For that reason, she believes Sharon. In the holding area, Helo checks on Sharon and says that things are not the way he wanted them. She says "they're human. The way you are.". Back in the discussion, Meier suggests that Sharon knows so much about the tomb because it 's a Cylon trap. Roslin believes that it's almost certainly a trap, since Lee has already said that there is a likely Cylon presence. Meier questions the Captain's knowledge. Roslin affirms that Lee is in charge of the mission and decides that no matter the risk, she's going to Kobol. Commander Adama is in his quarters on Galactica, exercising and listening to the wireless. In an asteroid field in space, Viper drills are being carried out by Hot Dog and Kat under the supervision of the new CAG Birch. Due to some miscommunication, Kat starts her run right after Hot Dog. Birch calls her off, but she nearly gets splashed when Hot Dog blows up the asteroid she was closing on. On Galactica, the near accident is heard by Adama. On the Astral Queen, Lee is paying Sharon a visit. She says that it wasn't her and he says they are all the same. She tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about He pulls a gun on her, but Kara is there to stop him. He pulls her away and begins to lecture her because she stole the Cylon Raider. She the retorts, eluding first to the fact that he is on the run from Galactica, then says he doesn't know what happened to her on Caprica and that he may not know what's going on. Meier is encouraging Zarek to remove Roslin. Zarek says that the fleet is following her and the myth, but that she needs a commander, a man to command the fleet. He says whoever controls the guns, controls the fleet. Meier says she probably already has Lee in mind for such a position. Meier then suggests that they do what they can to protect her on Kobol, but... Zarek nods, seeming to catch the implication that they "remove" Lee with the cover of the prophecies. Zarek says he wants to bring freedom to the fleet. Meier eggs him on. Zarek says the scriptures say some of us will die in particular. Meier (apparently alluding to Lee) says, "one man in particular, " as he gets up and leaves. However, Zarek does not look reassured by the comment.

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