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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Home, Part 1 (#206):

Act 3:
A tanker is attempting dock with Galactica for refueling under Birch's supervision. Tigh is observing the op in CIC when Adama walks in and asks for status. He and Gaeta report that Birch is screwing up the simple op. Tigh questions Birch's readiness to be CAG. Adama doesn't seem ready to give up on him yet. On the Astral Queen, Lee takes the pyramid ball that Kara got from Anders. She asks for it back, but he teases her instead. She gets mad and he decides to give it back to her. Lee says that he doesn't know what happened to her on Caprica, that tomorrow they will find the tomb and Earth or not, that he loves her and that he's ready to listen when she's ready to talk. She calls him on the "thing in the middle", the "I love you."They get adolescent and he denies that he said it as he walks away. Back on Galactica, the refueling op is an even bigger mess. Dualla reports that they are on a collision course. Adama orders an abort and a recall on the Raptor, but the tanker still bangs into Galactica before aborting. Adama orders a rescue team, then leaves CIC. On Kobol, Roslin's party has landed on Kobol. Lee hands Zarek a gun and then walks off. Meier and Zarek give him a look like they can't believe that he just handed them a weapon after their plan to eliminated him. Elosha reads from the scriptures, then Sharon, wearing restraints, takes up reciting the scripts as everyone looks steps over and looks across to a ridgeline. The party includes Helo, Lee, Zarek, Elosha, Sharon, Roslin, Kara, Meier and several crew to a ridge. Roslin then tells them to get moving. Elosha says that the path is supposed to marked by gravestones and moments leter Sharon spots something. Elosha goes over and inspects the gravestone. As she is looking at it, she takes a step back. Sharon shouts a warning, but it's too late. Elosha steps on a trigger, which springs a mind up that explodes in front of Elosha, throwing her back. A second mine then flies up and goes off followed by gunfire. Three Cylon Centurions are on the high ground above firing down on them.

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