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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Home, Part 1 (#206):

Act 4:
The Cylons are firing and everyone is running for cover. A "red shirt" is killed. Helo begins firing as Sharon dashes off still wearing her restraints. He calls after her, but is busy taking out one of the Centurions and then firing on the other two. Lee and Kara find cover under an outcropping and begin to exchange fire with the remaining Cylon Centurions. Zarek and Meier are flanking Roslin, but otherwise just trying to save their own skins. Sharon checks on Elosha who is dead before running off. Lee and Kara manage to take out one of the remaining two Cylons. Lee spots Sharon running off and he takes off after her. Kara cuts loose with both weapons to cover Lee. As she grabs a large weapon from next to the dead "blue shirt,", Lee grabs her and they sturggle over the weapon. She throws him off, then fires an explosive round at the ridge, taking out the remaining Cylon Centurion. She then glares at Lee, throws the weapon down beside him and walks off. Lee is in disbelief. On Galactica, Adama is painting a model ship while philosophizing to Dualla. Dee then tells her that she thinks he feels helpless, not betrayed. She thinks he feels like he let everyone down, because he made a promise. He says that everyone on the ships that left, made their own choice. He tells her that she's dismissed. She says that he called her there to talk and she's got something to say. She does not leave, but sits down next to him and says that it's time to heal the wounds and brings everyone back together. On Kobol, Roslin is kneels next to Elosha's body. Lee tells her that it's time to go and she grabs Elosha's book of scrolls before getting up and slowly moving away. On Galactica, Adama comes to a halt in a hallway, apparently becoming resolved about something. he then enters CIC and orders Gaeta to gather all recon material on Kobol and bring it to his quarters. Tigh asks "Kobol?" ", "Yes, I'm putting the fleet,back to together. I'm putting my family back together. This ends now." Dee and several crew in CIC are smiling. Tigh , though incredulous at first, seems to even start to crack a smile.
to be continued

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