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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Home, Part 1 (#206):

Adama is leaving Galactica CIC, listening to a report from Tigh and Dualla on the material loss to the fleet: twenty-four ships, 18,000 people (one third of the people of the fleet), three construction platforms, private liner, a mining ship and morale. On the Astral Queen, Captain Adama is defending his support for the President and her mission. Some of Quorum of Twelve cite that he is Commander Adama's son. President Roslin says she would still be in Galactica's brig if not for him, that she does not question his intentions and that the matter concerning Lee is closed. Zarek says they must arms themselves for protection. Lee says that they don't have enough firepower to withstand Galactica if it comes for them. Roslin believes that Adama has let them go and that Kara will return with the Arrow of Apollo. One of the Quorum wonders how long they will have to wait and suggests that they go to Kobol now and find the tomb. Elosha says that people will die if any return to Kobol, because the prophecies say that there is a price. Roslin gives a speech about the mission being saving humanity. While she is talking, Meier (James Remar) comes in, whispers in Zarek's ear and both leave the room. Roslin continues her speech, taking notice of the deparures. In the next room, Miere shows Zarek that an unknown ship is closing in on their fleet. He advises that one of the ships has missiles and they should take it out before its too late. Before Zarek can reply. Roslin and Lee enter the discussion. Meier answers, but Lee blows him off. Meier again encourages firing, Zarek hands off the decision to Roslin. Before she decides, Kara comes on the wireless, identifying herself. Kara makes her down the hall. Lee goes to her and they kiss. They come to their senses and back off, as we see that President Roslin, Zarek and others have seen their reunion, making for an awkward moment. Kara says that there is something that she needs to tell him. Lee then sees Sharon come around the corner and flashes back to Galactica Sharon shooting his father. He pulls a gun, shoves Sharon into the bulkhead and puts the weapon to her face. Kara pulls on his arm and tries to talk him down. Helo then comes up and puts a gun to the back of Lee's head.

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