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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Final Cut (#208):

Act 1:
Adama is looking through a magazine, Caprican Life, that survived the Cylon attack. Racetrack, who is piloting the Raptor, tells him that she meant to throw it out. He tells her to keep the magazine. He asks if she is filming him and she says she started when they left Colonial One since he says unlimited access. He says she will unless she films anything that compromises the safety of the ship, which will be cut On Galactica, Dee is giving them a publicity tour. In the pilot duly locker, Lee and Kara are talking about pulling longs patrol and the threat on Tigh. Kara jokes that she is probably a suspect and then points out the threat is part of a quote from Kataris. Biers is following Dee to the mess when Kat runs by in a towel chased by Hot Dog. Biers follows them to the duty locker where Kat decides to ham it up to the camera and then moon it. Lee then steps in, orders Kat and Hot Dog out of the series officers. After nearly dropping his towel, Lee then asks Biers to leave because it's the one place that the pilots have to relax. Palladino is lying in his bunk, watching it all. In the hallway, Dee is being interviewed by Biers about enlishing. Her father didn't approve. Baltar walks by Biers and Dee in the hallway. His inner Six then encourages him to get an interview, since he's the vice-president. She says he will do whatever is necessary to protect their child and says that D'Anna will definitely help. He then goes over, introduces himself to Biers. She offers to interview him right then, but he tells her to get in touch with one of his aides to schedule an interview. Biers interviews Lee, who chastises her for entering the pilot's duty locker. Lee says they have lost everything they knew and loved and put their lives on the line for the fleet that just wants to criticize them. On the flight deck Kat is complaining that Tyrol doesn't have her Viper ready. When he finds a problem, Kat loses. Starbuck comes in and breaks them up. She orders Tyrol to repair the ship and Kat off the flight deck. Kat storms off. Lee then talks with Starbuck, who tells him that Kat is off the duty roster. He says they can't because they need pilots. Biers films it all. Biers is interviewing Private Scott Kelso, a Marine who ended up with ten stitches while on the Gideon . He blames Tigh and then drops word that Tigh has been threatened, which prompted Palladino to step in and end the interview. Biers is filming in CIC as Adama and Tigh sending a delegation to a civilian gathering on Cloud Nine . Adama has picked him to go. Tigh is reluctant because of his unpopularity in the fleet, but has no choice since Adama basically is ordering him on mandatory shore leave. Biers films Tigh boarding a Raptor on the flight deck. It doesn't even take off before it starts smoking, forcing Racetrack to abort the launch. Tyrol inspects it and finds major sabotage that would have caused the cabin to vent in space, which would have killed Tigh since he was not wearing a flight suit like the Raptor crew. Tigh looks perplexed.

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