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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Final Cut (#208):

Act 3:
Baltar is encouraging Biers and offers his support in her efforts to report on the situation on the Galactica. His Inner Six then breaks in and tells him to make his pitch for leadership. He points out his leadership on Kobol, but Biers points out that his party took several casualties on Kobol. As the interview is about to begin, alarms go off. Biers grabs a camera and heads for CIC.. Her cameraman heads to the flight deck. Baltar is left sitting in front of a camera tripod. Lee reports two Cylon Raiders are closing. Biers reaches CIC and films the action there. Dee's interview is interspersed Biers asks about terminology, which Dee explains as collision course. In her interview, Dee says that she told her father she never wanted to see him again just three weeks before the Cylons attacked. In CIC, Biers asks Dee if she should be scared and Dee answers that she is. Dee reports the CAP is on the other side of the fleet. Biers' cameraman is on the flight deck, filming the Vipers taking off and then Tyrol 's flight crew standing by. Biers and her cameraman film the crew listening and responding to the sounds on the wireless of Lee, Starbuck, Hot Dog and Kingston taking out the Cylon Raiders. Adama then announces to the crew that the Raiders have been destroyed. CIC is turned over to Gaeta , who orders the crew to stand down from combat status. Biers asks Dee if it ever gets any easier and she answers that it gets harder. On the flight deck, Biers' cameraman gets a comment from Lee, who points out that they didn't lose anyone which is a good thing. Saul walks into his quarters to find Ellen bound and gagged. As he moved toward her, someone hits him from behind, knocking him unconscious.

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