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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Final Cut (#208):

The episode opens with footage of the incident on the Gideon where marines shot civilians (from Episode 2.4), reported by D'Anna Biers of the Fleet News Service. She refers to the incident as the Gideon Massacre. She is editing the story when troops enter. They ask her to come with them. On Colonial One, she is greeted by President Roslin and Commander Adama. Adama wants to know where she got the footage. She says it was from an anonymous Patriot. She figures that they brought her in because of her story on the Gideon. Adama says that's not the whole story. Biers says that she has requested interviews from Galactica crew, but they have been denied Roslin informs her that she will have unlimited access to the Galactica to put a "human face" on the Galactica crew. Biers tells them that she won't give them a propaganda piece, but Roslin reassures her that they want a balanced story and it is needed now. In Galactica CIC, Tigh comments that the CAG needs to get cracking, because half of the supply runs are behind schedule. Ellen then calls for him. He goes to their quarters where he finds her upset and a message on the mirror, "From the darkness you must fall."

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