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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Final Cut (#208):

Act 4:
Biers and her cameraman are viewing their footage of the pilot's duty locker when she spots a book by Kataris next to Palladino in his bed. In Tigh's quarters, it's revealed that Palladino is behind the attack. Palladino had commanded the botched supply mission on the Gideon. As Tigh comes to, Palladino pours the rest of Tigh's alcohol on his face to fully revive him. Palladino is shaken by guilt over the incident on the Gideon. He then puts a gun to Tigh's head. Tigh tells him that he was in command and responsible. challenging Palladino to pull the trigger. Palladino can't pull the trigger and Tigh disarms him. Tigh says that the Gideon was an accident, but Palladino coming for him was a choice. Guards arrive with Biers following. Palladino is escorted out. Tigh checks on his wife as Biers sticks the camera in his face until he tells her to get out. Biers is interviewing Kat about why she was on stims and Kat explains that she had no rest, no downtime and no one to talk to since they are all in the same situation. She is ashamed of having let the rest of the crew down. Beirs is showing her piece to Roslin, Billy, Tigh and Adama on Colonial One. Tigh tells her to turn it off and complains that it is a hatchet job and it will show Galactica 's crew in a poor light to the rest of the fleet. He then asks Adama what he has to say. Adama, on the other hand, thinks that gives the Galactica a human face and gives her his approval to show the piece to the fleet. They watch the ending of the piece where Biers is giving a closing narration which shows the pictures of family, Seelix in CIC, Tyrol goofing on the flight deck and other candid/spontaneous footage. Biers points out their flawed humanity, but also their drive to never quit and that they are the few protecting the entire fleet from the Cylons. She says Gaeta told her that no one aboard Galactica had asked to resign since the Cylon attack. The original Battlestar Galactica theme music can be heard during the piece. The original show's fanfare loudly accompanies a money shot of the pilots striding down the hallway. On Caprica, Sharon , Six and Doral are watching the footage and commenting on the resilience of the humans. Sharon asks for the footage that was cut and Doctor Cottle is seen tending to Sharon . The Caprica Sharon is happy to see her counterpart is still alive, that she ('I') am still alive. She even seems to rub it in to Doral and Six that her counterpart is still alive. Six asks about the baby and Biers (now obviously another humanoid Cylon model) reports that the baby is fine although they lost two Raiders getting the footage out. Doral says that they must do everything they can to protect the baby. Biers points out that the child is truly a miracle from God.

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