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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Final Cut (#208):

Act 2:
In their quarters, Ellen tells Saul that someone is trying to kill him because of the Gideon incident. Ellen tells him that Biers has called twice for an interview to hear his side of the story. He says he doesn't need to explain himself to her. As Saul grabs the bottle, Ellen suggests that Roslin and Adama are attempting to hang Saul out to dry. He says that it happened under his watch. Ellen basically says they need to look out for themselves.. Racetrack lights a candle in remembrance of family that she lost. Margaret Edmonson, "Racetrack" says that she wants to take as many toasters with her to hell. Helo says they try to turn off the human part of you, but even in the field, it's not that easy. Helo then checks on Sharon in the brig who doesn't look well.and is bleeding. Helo tells the guard to call Doctor Cottle. Felix Gaeta (yes, he now has a first name) is smoking during his interview, in which he is saying that all he had ever wanted was to serve on a battlestar, but now it is all he knows. He holds on to the hope that he will have a chance to know something more one day. He doesn't like cigarettes, but has a tattoo thanks to being drunk. Biers sits down to interview Tigh after offering him a drink. She asks about the death threats and then about his assuming command while Adama was incapacitated. He begins speaking about his command decisions before realizing that she's set him up. He rips his microphone off and pushes her aside as he storms off. She turns to cameraman, happy to get the shot she wanted. In the gym, Starbuck is working on a punching bag when Biers walks in and says Lee told her to talk to Starbuck about recruiting new pilots. Biers shows Adama footage of Tigh. Adama apologizes and then Biers asks whey Tigh has not been charged. He answers that they are at war against superior numbers and they cannot afford to eliminate some to placate public opinion. A Viper is coming in to land. It's Kat, who is flying erratically and has to wave off, which Biers observes. Shots of Kat, Louanne Katraine, being interviewed and explaining the thrill she feels when returning from a successful mission are interspersed during this sequence. Starbuck goes on the wireless and talks a delirious Kat into the hanger bay where she crashes. Lee and Starbuck go out to check on Kat, followed by Biers. Kat is hysterical and Starbuck finds a pill bottle of stims on her. Medics strap her down and take her to sickbay with Biers following. Lee and Starbuck realize the stims are why Kat has been on edge. In sickbay, Biers catches sight of Doctor Cottle trying to work on Sharon . Sharon doesn't trust Cottle, but he tells her that he is trying to save her baby. A guard then steps in and escorts Biers away. Biers is laying in a bed in sickbay when Adama comes to claim the camera. Biers points out that she looks just like the deceased Lieutenant Valerii. Biers asks about the baby, but Adama doesn't answer. Adama doesn't want this to get out to the fleet. Biers knows that this and the Gideon affair would bring the entire fleet against them. Adama asks her if it is important to her Biers gets angry that he questions her patriotism. He takes the tape and returns the camera. After he leaves, Biers pulls out the real tape that she had managed to palm.

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