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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Flight of the Phoenix (#209):

Act 1:
We get a close-up of a Cylon Raider from that fleet. Back in CIC, Commander Adama tends to Dee, who is groggy. Tigh orders Gaeta to find out what happened. Dee gets herself up. Gaeta reports that a surge in the system. Adama says that it's more than a glitch. Tigh orders him to fix it and Gaeta says that checking every line of code could take days. Tigh reaffirms his order and Gaeta loses control for a moment. Adama orders him to get it together. Tigh wonders what Gaeta 's problem is and Adama tells hiim that the crew is losing its edge because of the lack of rest or a break. On the flight deck, Lee is asking Tyrol about Viper 289. Tyrol tells Lee that the Viper is done for. After some discussion, Lee accepts Tyrol 's judgment stating that no one expects miracles. Tyrol comments that that may be the problem. After giving it some thought in his rack, Tyrol goes back to the flight deck and starts working. His deck gang come along and asks him what he's doing. He explains that they are going to build a Viper as an offduty project. They are incredulous and believe it's impossible, so he blows them off. After Cally tries to step up, he orders them back to work. In sickbay, Dr. Cottle shows Roslin her latest test results. She asks how much time she has. He tells her weeks, a month at the most. She asks if she will be able to work and he says unless the cancer goes to the brain. In the firing range, Lee rapidly shoots off rounds, which gets a comment from Starbuck about the aggression of he and Racetrack. She then says that she's heard that he riding Tyrol pretty hard. Lee is concerned that his hobby will take time away from maintenance and doesn't believe that Tyrol can do it. Starbuck thinks he will succeed. Lee says that no one will fly it, even if he does build it. As Starbuck starts to get silly, she says that she will fly it. Hot Dog passes out from oxygen deprivation, while Starbuck gets sillier. Lee attempts to open the hatch after he figures out the problem. He weakens and slumps to the floor as Starbuck continues to giggle inanely.

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