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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Flight of the Phoenix (#209):

Act 2:
As the oxygen runs out, Kara reaches up, grabs her gun and fires at the hatch. She fires three times, the last time cracking the glass. She reports that she's out of ammunition, so Lee grabs an ammo box and the two of them struggle to load the gun. With Lee bracing her arm, she fires an explosive round, blowing out the hatch window. In CIC, Gaeta explains to Adama and Tigh that the environmental controls believed that the firing range was over pressurized, so it started bleeding oxygen. Adama points out all the failures are building up. Baltar suddenly starts talking and says that it's a Cylon virus that has infiltrated the systems and has been running in parallel. Baltar points out that it came from when Tigh okayed networking the computers. Adama wants to know how to kill the virus. Adama orders Lee to get Helo talk to Sharon about it. On the flight deck, Tyrol struggles with a wing alone as one of his crew watches. He comes over and gives Tyrol a hand and is joined by another deckhand. The rest of the deck crew and Adama take notice of the progress. In CIC, Dee gives Adama a report on the all the problems, which Adama points out are not just run-of-the-mill malfunctions. Tigh wants to up alert status, but Adama refuses for the time being. .Adama asks Tigh whether he's seen Tyrol 's building project. Tigh wants Adama to halt Tyrol 's project, because it's a drain on manpower. Adama thinks it's a good for morale nd won't call it off until he absolutely has to. In the exercise room, Dee and Lee practice self-defense moves with Dee ending up on top. They are interrupted by Billy. In the brig, Helo asks Sharon about her memories of Tyrol . She tells him that she does remember. He asks if she still loves him. She tells him that he's the father of her child and that he's the one in her heart. He then shows her a readout that Baltar put together of the "Cylon logic bomb." Sharon looks at the first page, then the second and flips out for a moment. She settles down and picks up the phone again and tells Helo that she needs to talk to Adama. She explains that the virus is probing the systems and it will run its course in a matter of hours, which will leave the ship disabled and open to attack, killing the entire crew including her and her baby, since she is a mistake.

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