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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Flight of the Phoenix (#209):

Act 4:
Tigh reports that weapons are still down, as well as dradis and most other systems. The Vipers hold their perimeter as the fleet approaches. Tigh reports the Cylons are closing and accuses Sharon of setting them up. Adama grabs a pistol and puts it to Sharon 's head, but holds his fire. Tigh eggs Adama on, wanting to know what he's waiting for. Sharon says "this" and the Galactica's systems stabilize. The Cylon Raiders lose control. Tigh wants to know what's going. Gaeta reports that they just sent a signal. Lee reports that the Cylon Raiders are drifting out of control. Adama says that the Cylons sent a virus to them and that Sharon sent a virus back to the Cylons. Tigh orders the Vipers to take out the disabled Cylon Raiders. As the pilots enjoy the target practice, Adama orders Sharon taken back to her cell. On the flight deck, Cally helps Tyrol with some wiring and he makes his usual comment about her being small then tells her to get to work on the other engine. Starbuck is excited since it is so close to being done, but they need metal for a skin. Helo walks up and says they don't need metal. A carbon-composite skin is used and Starbuck launches in the Blackbird. She fights to maintain control. Lee tells her to slow down and she says she's not trying anything. She gains control and then Lee losses sight of her. As everyone on Galactica looks concerned, Lee can be heard in a near panic calling for her on the wireless. Kara reappears, pointing out that it's stealth ship thanks to its carbon-composite hull. Roslin enters the flight deck and talks to Tyrol , congratulates him on building the Blackbird (a new fighter model), as shots of the deck gang signing the ship are shown. Roslin gives a short speech about the ship being a symbol of perseverance and faith. Tyrol presents Adama with a champagne bottle and then reveals that the ship has been christened "Laura," which moves Roslin. Adama then gives the bottle to Roslin, who fakes breaking it as Tyrol moves to stop her. She says that she was kidding. She then pops the corks and hands it to Tyrol who takes the first drink. Racetrack congratulates Helo on his idea of using carbon-composites for the skin and then shakes his hand. The other pilots also move to shake his hand. Off to the side, Roslin and Adama talk. He tells her that the crew wanted to do that (the christening of the fighter). She points out none of it would have been possible without his trusting a Cylon. He replies that he took her advice and went with common ground. She asks what it was and he answers that both he and Sharon wanted to live. Tyrol walks into the brig. Sharon sees him, gets up, walks over to the phone, picks it up and waits for him. After a moment, Tyrol slowly walks over to the phone and picks it up

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