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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Flight of the Phoenix (#209):

Act 3:
The Cylon Raiders are shown again. Adama enters the brig. Sharon stands up. He tells her to be quick. Lee inspects Tyrol 's project and points out the cockpit is in the wrong place. Kara answers that they are going for speed not maneuverability. She then comments that he didn't think it would fly either. Lee spots Dee, who believes that she is working on communications. Tigh walks up and rips on the project and all the crew who are wasting their time on. He then asks for the chief, who is in a maintenance locker. He catches Tyrol working on a home brew. Tyrol tries to call it solvent, but Tigh doesn't buy it. Tyrol explains that he is using it trade with the fleet for parts. Tigh rides him about the project being destined for failure and wonders why he's doing it. Tyrol says all he has left is his work. Tigh begins to leave and then says that he had promised a captain in the fleet that he would take some obsolete engines off his hands. Tyrol is grateful. Tigh grabs a jar of alcohol and leaves. Roslin returns Adama's book. Adama tells her the situation on Galactica, which includes a Cylon fleet attacking the defenseless. Roslin isn't sure what she can do to help. Adama says he needs her advice. In CIC, Gaeta suggests wiping the ship's drives and doing to a cold restart. Tigh thinks it's crazy. Gaeta tells him that Adama is considering. Baltar gives it his support, since they don't have any alternatives. Adama wants to know if his judgment is clouded because he just wants to choke the life out of Sharon . Roslin agrees that he is not thinking clearly, although she doesn't trust the Cylons. She points out that they created the Cylons, so there might be common ground between them somewhere. Sharon is escorted to CIC in heavy shackles. She says they need to be quick. Adama orders her shackles released. Sharon then asks Dee for her father's pocket knife, which Adama orders her to give Sharon . Sharon asks Gaeta for a fiber optic cable, which she strips. At that moment, the Cylon raider fleet jumps in. As fighters launch, Sharon cuts her hand with the. She says that the Raiders will send a signal to activate the virus. She tells Gaeta that he has to initiate the computer wipe on her mark or the Cylon virus will take over all systems. She then shoves the cable into her hand and up her arm. The Cylon Raiders send the signal and make the connection, which Gaeta can't keep up with. Sharon then gives the signal. Adama orders Gaeta to begin wiping the hard drives. The Vipers are face-to-face and vastly outnumbered by the large fleet of Cylon Raiders, which is still closing in.

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