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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Flight of the Phoenix (#209):

A fleet of Cylon Raiders and Heavy Raiders is flying through space. On Galactica 's flight deck, Tyrol inspects Viper 289, finding a fluid leak. Helo enters the pilots' ready room. He goes up to a card game and Starbuck greets him. When he tries to introduce himself to one of the other pilots, he is ignored. Starbuck asks him if he wants to sit in, but Helo takes the hint and leaves. The pilots make comments about his relationship with a Cylon, Sharon. Kara blows them off and says that whoever he's involved with, he saved her life. She comments that the Cylons mess with you head, at which Hot Dog says just ask the Chief. As Tyrol checks the Viper, he flashes back to happy times with Sharon . After he finds the problem, he labels the Viper as scrap. The deck gang is having a welcoming back party for Cally. Chief comes in and then leaves. On the flight deck, Helo is nursing a bottle on a Raptor, when Tyrol begins talking about how Sharon always made a hard landing. Helo says it was because she was nervous, worrying that Chief was watching. Back in the pilots' ready room, Racetrack folds because she can tell what cards Starbuck has. Racetrack rants about the endless, pointless routine. Starbuck gets up to leave and Racetrack keeps mouthing off so Starbuck shoves her into the table. Back on the flight deck, Helo apologizes to Tyrol and says that things just "evolved" and that Sharon loves him. Tyrol tells Helo what he and Sharon had planned about getting out of the service, marrying and having kids. He then says that she had to find some other idiot to father a child and that he's glad that that freak in her belly is Helo's and not his. Helo shoves him back and he falls off the Raptor to the deck. Helo immediately goes to check on Tyrol and help him up, but the Chief starts fighting with him. He finally stops when he is about to use a wrench. He says he doesn't know why he's angry at Helo. He says that his Sharon is dead and the Cylon in the brig isn't Sharon In Galactica 's CIC, Dee 's comm unit blasts static. Gaeta says it's their own comm system sending out the static, which Tigh points out would allow the Cylons to track them. Adama orders Dee to open a comm channel. As she does so, her console shorts and blows out in a shower of sparks, knocking Dee to the deck. The Cylon fleet is seen again.

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