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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Pegasus (#210):

Act 1:
A Pegasus Raptor is landing on Galactica 's flight deck as Admiral Cain is verbally welcomed aboard. Starbuck is descending a flight of stairs down to the flight deck where a large number of the crew has already gathered. Baltar can be seen as well. Tigh orders the crew into rank and look sharp. Tigh and Baltar line up next to Roslin and Adama while Helo can be seen behind them. Lee falls in next to Starbuck. Tigh orders attention as the Raptor opens. Two armed guards first walk out, followed by two officer (pilots?). The Pegasus XO steps out and finally Cain debarks and stands before Adama. Adama welcomes her aboard the Galactica. Cain shakes Adama's hand, who then introduces President Roslin. Cain then gives her welcome to the Galactica and the crew cheers. The ranks break and the Galactica crew move in and greet the Pegasus crew. Starbuck exchanges introductions with a Captain Taylor.

In Adama's quarters, President Roslin asks Cain how they found the Galactica. Cain says that they were following a Cylon fleet. At first the fleet seemed to be jumping randomly and then they realizes that they were jumping to systems with natural resources. So she began scouting systems in hopes of carrying out hit-and-run attacks, but instead found Galactica. Adama asks a rhetorical question about the Pegasus attacking the Cylons and Cain replies with a reference to 'the best defense is a good offense'. Roslin then asks how they escaped the initial Cylon attack on the colonies. Cain asks for a drink.

Tigh is offering the Pegasus XO a drink from the maintenance locker distillery in a break from the 'nickel tour'. The XO comments that he's surprised that the Cylons haven't beaten them up and down in 'this old bucket'. He apologizes after a look from Tigh. Tigh tells him that for that comment, he has to sit the next round out and they both start laughing.

Back in Adama's quarters, Cain explains that they were docking Scorpion Fleet Shipyard for a three month overhaul. Most of the crew was preparing for extended short leave. The XO was on duty and she was in her quarters packing for a trip home to Tauron. Then the Cylons attacked, hitting the Shipyard with three or four nukes destroying five ship including two battlestars. When she reached CIC, she learned she had already lost 700 crew. She ordered an immediate blind jump. Adama calls it gutsy. She says she had no choice. Cain stands, ending the meeting. She tells Adama that he can send over his logs. Cain then asks Roslin, who is still sitting, if anything is wrong. Roslin says that she sometimes forgets military protocols. Adama explains that Cain is his superior officer and will take command of the entire fleet. Cain says she had been concerned about how to approach that topic and then reassures Adama that she has no intentions of interfering with Galactica 's internal affairs. Cain observes that Roslin doesn't look too happy. Roslin answers that she and Adama have been through a lot. Billy enters and indicates he needs Roslin. She stands, comes around and tells Cain that she's glad that she's here. She shakes her hand, thanks her for finding them and then departs. Cain comments, "Secretary of Education." Adama says that she's come a long way and Cain leaves.

Tigh asks the Pegasus XO about Admiral Cain. The XO asks for officers discretion, which Tigh agrees to. The XO explains that they were going after what they thought was a Cylon comm relay, but it turned out to be fifteen squadrons of Cylon Raiders. She ordered her XO to attack. He comments that the XO had served with her for years and that they were close. However, he refused the order.

In the hallway, Adama informs Cain that they have a Cylon prisoner onboard. Cain replies that they have one as well. He says that his Cylon has been an excellent source of intelligence, has been very cooperative and that Vice President Dr. Baltar has been working with her.

Tigh asks the acting XO what Cain did. He tells Tigh that Cain requested her XO's gun and then shot him in the head right there in front of the crew before turning to him. Tigh asks him what he did. He says he ordered the attack, of course. Tigh looks stunned and then the XO starts laughing and says he was joking.

In the hallway outside his quarters, Cain tells Adama that she takes no pleasure in taking command. Adama walks back into his quarters.

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