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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Pegasus (#210):

Act 2:
On the Galactica flight deck, Racetrack is talking with one of the Pegasus pilots, telling him that she flies one of the Raptors. Starbuck is looking over the Raptor, then turns to the pilot and asks if that's scorecard on the ship. Racetrack comments that Starbuck keeps score. Starbuck retorts that she doesn't paint it on the side of her fighter to brag to the whole universe. The pilot comments that that's forty-eight kills. Starbuck makes a flippant response about caps and t-shirts to go with it, which draws a loud laugh from Helo who is standing nearby. Captain Taylor, the Pegasus CAG, interrupts, asking for the CAG. Lee answers and he tells Lee that he wants a rundown on his squadron. As they walk through the flight deck, Taylor observes that they don't track kills. He says that it would improve morale and encourage competition. Lee replies that that is one philosophy. Taylor states that it's Admiral Cain's philosophy, so now it's his philosophy. Lee retorts that his commander's name is Adama, which is the same as his. Taylor calls him "Daddy's boy." He then requests the ordinance list.

As they walk down a Galactica hallway, Baltar explains to Cain that he is the head of the Cylon branch, specializing in Cylon detection. Cain tells Baltar that they have their own Cylon prisoner and she'd like him to examine her. Baltar's inner Six wonders who the Cylon will be, a stranger? Or a familiar face? Cain brings him out of his moment and he says he'd be happy to examine the prisoner. He indicates that she lead the way, referring to her as 'Commander'. She immediately corrects him and he apologizes.

On Galactica 's flight deck, Laird, Pegasus deck chief, requests permission to look around. Tyrol introduces himself and thanks him for the parts that were sent over. Laird spots some engines that he says he designed and thought had been phased out nearly a decade ago. Tyrol realizes that he was an aeronautical engineer. Laird explains that he was until the war happened. Cally asks if he's a civilian. Laird explains that he was onboard the Scylla which was picked up by the Pegasus and he was drafted into working as the deck chief. He then asks Tyrol if he can take a closer look at the Blackbird, which he had heard that Tyrol designed.

In a Galactica hallway, Adama reports to Roslin that the Pegasus has been resupplying the Galactica from its own stores. Roslin asks when the supplies will reach the rest of the fleet. Adama answers that Cain has assured him that the supplies are on their way. She comments that Cain is returns his calls, while she can't even get an answer. Adama tells her that he'll bring it to Cain's attention. Roslin then asks how he's handling it. He answers that she outranks him and that's all there is to it. Roslin comments that if President Adair had stepped off that Raptor, she would be elated, but with Admiral Cain, she's not so sure. Adama says that he's been taking orders his whole life and this situation is no different.

In Adama's quarters, Tigh has just told Adama what Pegasus' XO told him. Adama asks if they were both drunk. Tigh says they were, but that he knows the XO wasn't lying. Adama tells him not to jump to conclusions before attaining all the facts. Tigh tells him that she shot her XO in front of the entire crew. Adama reminds him that they shot down a civilian ship with 1,000 people onboard, as the log states. Tigh says that that was different and that they don't even know if anyone was onboard that ship. Adama says that's why he hopes Cain reads the complete log to understand the context. Tigh says that they should ask for Cain's logs to put her in context.

On the Pegasus, Baltar is escorted by Lieutenant Thorne to where their Cylon prisoner is being held. Thorne warns him not to get too close, because it had killed seven crewmen. Thorne asks him if he wants the guards to come in with him. Baltar's Inner Six pops up to ask if he's scared and needs the "big, bad soldiers" to protect him. Baltar declines Thorne's offer. Baltar is led into the brig with his Inner Six trailing along. Baltar's Inner Six gets visibly upset. The prisoner is lying on the floor, beaten, with foot shackles, arm shackled behind her back and a leash around her neck. His Inner Six realizes that it's a brown-haired copy of her. Baltar asks Thorne to open the door to the cell. Baltar covers his nose because of the smell. Thorne steps out of the brig. Baltar comments that she must have struggled and fought back. His Inner Six says that that does not justify what they've done to her. He tells her to stop. He moves closer and tries to talk to the prisoner. His Inner Six says that she must have been assaulted. He examines her analytically. His Inner Six tells him to stop being a scientist and look at the woman before him. He pulls her away and tells her that he has to understand the prisoner before he can help her. He tells his Inner Six that he will do all he can, especially since she is similar to someone he cares for. He tells his Inner Six to leave them alone and she disappears.

In a Pegasus hallway, Baltar reports to Cain, and her XO who is following, that the prisoner has no head injuries, so couldn't have sustained physical damage to neural pathways or cognitive functions, but is clearly traumatized which indicates a psychological condition. This indicates that the Cylon consciousness is susceptible to the same problems that the human consciousness is. He tells Cain that she has already used the 'stick' and now it's time for him to use the 'carrot'. She nods and orders her XO to provide Baltar with whatever he needs.

Galactica's logs are laid out on a large table and Cain tells Adama that he's done well under the circumstances. She tells him based on what she's learned from his logs that the Cylon fleet that she's been following was following his fleet. The Cylon fleet includes two basestars, twelve support ships and one large vessel that they have been unable to identify. She wonders if it's a Commad-and-Control ship. Adama suggests a Raider factory. She isn't sure. He calls it a tempting target. She says that she had been prepared to try and convince him to combine resources to hit the target. He says that any chance to attack the Cylons is worth it. He tells her that he'll order Apollo to coordinate the attack with her CAG. She then announces to him that she has decided to integrate the crews, starting with assigning Apollo to the Pegasus. He answers that he has a team that works well together. She cuts to the chase and tells him that she feels after reviewing the logs, that having his son serve as CAG has been a mistake. She cites his own log entries concerning Lee's insubordinate and even mutinous behavior. She then comments on Kara's lack of discipline and Helo's fraternization and impregnation of an enemy agent. She then says that she doesn't even need to start with his XO, Tigh. She points out a complete list of the transfers. He reminds her that she had said that she did not want to interfere with his command. She tells him that she's saving his command because he's too close to his officers, which is blinding his judgment. He says he doesn't agree. She says that's his right, but he has his orders.

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