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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Pegasus (#210):

Alarms are sounding on the Galactica because an unknown ship is closing in. In a briefing room, President Roslin is with Commander Adama, who calls CIC for a situation report. Tigh tells him that a ship the size of a Cylon Basestar just jumped into nearby space and the CAP is moving to intercept. Adama orders Tigh to alert the fleet to prepare for an emergency jump and then says he and Roslin are on their way.

Lee is leading the CAP on its intercept course to the Basestar. He estimates that they are less than one minutes from intercept.

In CIC, Dee acknowledges and advises that alert fighters have launched and are three minutes out. Adama and Roslin enter CIC and Tigh reports that alert fighters have launched. Gaeta reports additional contacts. Roslin asks how long before the jump. Tigh replies "two minutes." Gaeta then reports that he's picking up Colonial transponders. Roslin looks around, surprised. Tigh says that they are using the colonials' own signals against them. However, Adama doesn't seem so sure that it's the Cylons. He orders a hold on weapons and the emergency jump. Tigh looks incredulous. Roslin wants to know what he's seeing. Dee sends out the order to hold the jump to the fleet. Adama orders her to send a Colonial Priority One ship-to-ship message and to route the reply through the speakers. As everyone looks on, Dee can be heard sending the message. Gaeta reports the contact is continuing to close. The speakers crackle to life and a male voice reporting to be from the Battlestar Pegasus wants confirmation from the ship claiming to be the Galactica. Tigh voices what everyone is thinking: how could it be the Pegasus, when the entire fleet was destroyed. Adama picks up and opens direct contact with Pegasus and advises them to use Colonial voice recognition codes. Dee receives the codes and verifies them as authentic. The speakers crackle again and a female voices comes online from Pegasus Actual. She seems to recognize Adama. Adama recognizes Admiral Cain.

In Pegasus CIC, Admiral Cain orders Red Team, her alert fighters, to disengage. She tells Adama that it's a miracle.

Adama replies that he's just as surprised. He orders Dee to stand the fleet down. Lee comes on the speaker and says that they won't believe what he's seeing.

Out in space with the CAG, Lee is in visual range of the Pegasus. He says that it's like a dream.

Back in Galactica CIC, as Roslin looks on, Adama says it is a dream.

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