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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
Pegasus (#210):

Act 3:
Lee and Starbuck are in Adama's quarters, receiving word of their transfer. They start arguing about the transfers. Adama silences them. He tells them that they are officers, should act like and follow the orders that Admiral Cain has given them. Adama tells them that they have all gotten used to bending the rules and letting things slide. He says that's over. They have their orders, need to pack their gear and report to the Pegasus' CAG.

In the Pegasus pilot's briefing room, the Pegasus CAG is briefing the pilots on a photo recon mission to identify a large unknown Cylon ship. As he explains the plan to hide behind a moon, Starbuck whispers something to Lee. The CAG notices and calls on Starbuck. She tells him that the plan sucks because the Cylons are not stupid enough to go near such a blind spot. She suggests the stealth ship that they built on Galactica. Captain Taylor (?) makes a crack about it being a tin can. The CAG's reply is to remove Starbuck from the mission. He then orders Whiplash and Thumper to ready their optical gear. Lee will fly the Raptor with him, if he remembers how to fly it. Outside the briefing room, Starbuck stops Lee and says that his flying a Raptor is humiliating. He simply gives her a surveillance package. He tells her to go get the Blackbird and take some "pretty pictures" of the Cylon ship. He then walks back down the hall, past the CAG.

Tyrol walks into the Galactica maintenance locker where several crewmen are enjoying the distillery. He spots Laird and asks him where the Blackbird is. Laird tells him that Kara took it, saying the Admiral Cain wanted a performance checkout. A member of the Pegasu s crew tells Tyrol he deserves a medal because they haven't had alcohol for months. The crewman then continues on about the Cylon (Caprica Boomer) that they have, calling her a "hot one." Another Pegasus crewman follows up with a sexual reference. Tyrol tells them to back down as Helo, Cally and other Galactica crew spear disturbed by the comments (for difference reasons, obviously). The first crewman then says that Tyrol is sensitive, and has a soft spot for the "robot girl."

Sharon is doing situps in her cell in the brig when Lieutenant Thorne comes in with two armored guards. She asks who he is.

Back in the maintenance locker, the same Pegasus crewman tells a story that basically explains that a Lieutenant Thorne encouraged the Pegasus crew to rape their Cylon. Cally finally has heard enough. She then leaves.

Back in the brig, Lieutenant Thorne begins to interrogate Sharon about the function of the unidentified Cylon ship. She claims she doesn't know. He chokes her and then begins beating her.

In the maintenance locker, the second Pegasus crewman suggests that maybe Thorne will "give them a chance" with Sharon . The first Pegasus crewman says that Thorne said he needed to break her in first. Helo starts to react, but Tyrol steps in. Helo calms down and then asks who Thorne is. The second crewman explains that Lieutenant Thorne is the Cylon interrogator, who "rides 'em hard and keeps them talking." The first Pegasus crewman says that their "little robot girl is in for quite a ride." Helo goes after the Pegasus crewmen again, but Tyrol stops him again. Tyrol then tells him that they need to go. Tyrol quickly leaves and Helo follows.

In the brig, Thorne is continuing to beat Sharon .

Tyrol and Helo run through a busy Galactica hallway, dodging crew.

The two guards hold Sharon down across her bed as Thorne begins to unbuckle his pants.

Tyrol and Helo run through an empty Galactica hallway and into the brig where Thorne is about to straddle Sharon . Helo jumps one guard, while Tyrol throws Thorne across the cell into the wall. Thorne's temple hits a bolt protruding from the wall as he goes down. The second guard pulls his weapon brings Tyrol and Helo under control. Sharon sobs as Helo and Tyrol are ordered to kneel. The guard checks on Throne, who is dead.

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