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Pegasus (#210):

A Raptor leaves Galactica bound for Pegasus with Helo and Tyrol onboard under arrest. Thorne's body is on the floor in front of them. In his quarters, Adama is on the wireless to Cain. He tells her that the incident took place on the Galactica, so the trial should be there as well. Cain tells him that she is the commanding authority and they will be tried on Pegasus. He says they are his men. She says her man is dead. He says that they both have strong feelings about the incident, so he suggests and impartial trial. She points out that according to his logs the last independent tribunal was dissolved by him when he did not like the verdict and that Tyrol had been on trial then as well. He says that was a different time and she says that it was and she'll be in touch before ending the communication.

In the Pegasus brig, Baltar has had food brought in. The shackles and collar are also removed from the Cylon prisoner. He then asks for the guards to step out. He steps by the wall and takes his jacket off. He tells her that the food is for her and that he will not take it away. He says he is just going to talk. He tells her about his relationship with a woman back on Caprica before the Cylon attack. He tells her that the woman was a Cylon and that he loves her and she is still in his thoughts. He says that she looked just like her. He tells her his name and that he's here to help. After a few moments, the prisoner comes alive, she reaches for some food, takes a bite and begins sobbing.

On a Pegasus Raptor, the Pegasus CAG asks Lee why he appears distracted. Lee points out that two of his friends were just arrested and charged with treason. The CAG tells him to put it out of his mind because they have a mission to carry out.

In a Galactica hallway, Cally is asking Adama about Tyrol . He tells her that he will have to stand trial. Cally tells Adama that the Chief is a good man. They are interrupted by a page from Gaeta to contact the CIC. Adama picks up a nearby comm phone. Tigh tells him that Fisk (Pegasus XO?) has informed him that the courtmartial is already over and they have been found guilty on all accounts. Cain is going to execute both of them for murder and treason. Adama orders a Marine strike team to be in a Raptor in ten minutes. He hangs up and tells Cally that she has work to do. He heads down one hallway while she takes off down another (presumably back to the flight deck).

In Galactica CIC, Dee requests a secure channel to Pegasus so that Commander Adama can speak to Admiral Cain. Adama picks up the wireless and tells Cain that he had been assured that they would receive a fair trial. She gives a load about considering what they had to say, the guards' testimony as well as their service records. She says it was a difficult decision, but the necessary one. Adama says that they had the right to have their case heard by a jury. She answers that she is a flag officer and has broad authority in a time of war such as now. He puts down the wireless long enough to order the Raptor to be launched. He then tells Cain that she can quote all the regulations that she wants, but he will not allow her to execute his men. She tells him that he should reconsider that statement. The Pegasus XO then reports to Cain that the Galactica has launched a Raptor and Vipers. She asks Adama why he is launching Vipers. He requests that she arrange for his men to be handed over to his Marines when they arrive. She answers that she doesn't take orders from him. He says that he's getting his men. He hangs up the wireless. Cain orders Action Stations and to launch Alert Vipers. Her XO advises that this situation will spin out of control. She says that Adama has gone too far and reiterates her order.

In space, the Pegasus Alert Vipers launch and close in on the Galactica and her Vipers.

To Be Continued


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