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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
In sick bay, Cottle tells Roslin that he leaving two more injections with Ishay. He says that will buy Roslin forty-eight hours more. He tells her that she's using up the last bit of her life. Roslin acknowledges that he's made it clear that clear to her. Ishay says that she's done. Roslin tells him thank you. He says that he's just doing his job. Roslin counters that he's done far more than that. She says that he's kept her alive, when she should have been dead long ago. She says that he has her gratitude. She actually leaves Cottle speechless. Roslin tells him not to spoil his "image" so he needs to light up a cigarette and "go and grumble." Cottle tells Ishay that Roslin is her patient now. He then leaves.

Roslin tells Ishay that she can barely see straight. Ishay says that she's so full of drugs that it doesn't surprise her.

In the pilot's briefing room, Helo is at the podium while Athena stands by the doorway. Helo points out that even though the plans aren't complete, Raptors will have the hardest job. He says that it'll take special skills. He starts to ask for volunteers and all his pilots raise their hands. He looks over at Athena and they share a small

Lee briefs the Marines. He says that they are short on intel, although the Cylons believe that Cavil would have taken Hera deep inside the Colony and points to the location that is their best guess.

In CIC, Adama briefs the firing crews. He says that they will be too close for nukes or missiles. He says that it'll be a gun battle. He wants the gun captains to start firing immediately and when they're out of ammo, "to start throwing rocks.".

Standing by Anders' tub, Tyrol tells Kara, Caprica Six, Tory and Ellen that all the Cylons' guns will be trained on them as soon as they jump so they have to interrupt their fire control systems. Kara wants to know how Anders can help with that. Ellen says if he can be plugged into Galactica 's dradis, FTL and C3L systems, he should be able to communicate with the Colony's hybrids. Caprica Six adds that he should be able to "control their commands and slow down their response time." Kara agrees to it. Tyrol says that to route all the systems "into this room" would take "weeks" and it would be easier to take him to the existing lines. Kara wants to know where that would be and Tyrol answers "CIC."

Two Raptors fly from the baseship back to Galactica.

Just outside of CIC, Adama says that he needs someone that he can trust and that the baseship and the fleet respects as he turns over his admiral's pips to Hoshi. Hoshi thanks him, says he won't let him down and looks forward to seeing him at the rendezvous point. Adama reminds him that if they aren't back in twelve hours, they won't be coming back.

After a moment, Hoshi and Adama exchange salutes and Hoshi heads out. Adama turns and walks into CIC. Tigh moves over to meet him as Anders' tub can be seen on the upper deck.

The Cylons are still working on prepping lines and connections to the tub. to find the Cylons are setting up Anders.

Adama walks over to the Command and Control station as he notes the new cables running through CIC. He moves some cables so he can stand on his station and finds his hands covered in goop which he attempts to wipe off. Tigh says that they still have time to "flush them all out the airlock." Adama says that it would take too long which brings a chuckle from Tigh.

Ellen and an Eight slide Anders into the tub. The Eight and a Six continue to work on the cables and connections.

The lights start to flicker even to red.

On the hangar deck, Lee and Romo Lampkin with his dog by his side, talk as they walk up to a Raptor. They stop by the Raptor door and Lee addresses Lampkin as Mr. President. Lampkin steps onboard as Lee moves to bid Admiral Hoshi good-bye. Both step on the Raptor deck and Lee announces the President of the Colonies and Admiral of the Fleet are departing. Everyone on the hangar deck salutes. Hoshi returns the salute and Lampkin gives a nod. They then board the Raptor.

Lee turns and announces it's the last Raptor out. Whoever doesn't leave will be his. and it's the last chance for anyone to leave.

Baltar walks up to the Raptor as he and Lee exchange a look.

Paulla steps out to take the bin from Baltar. Baltar looks over at Lee and then turns back to Paulla and tells her that he's not going. She says "our people need you." Baltar replies that he doesn't belong to her. Paulla has no response. He apologizes if he's misled them. He tells her that "they" are hers now. He tells the pilot to go and he steps off the Raptor even as Tracey continues to plead with Baltar.

As the Raptor door closes, Baltar climbs down, looks over at Lee with the Marines and then starts to leave the hangar deck when Lee calls him.

Baltar turns to see that Lee has moved closer and tosses him a weapon before moving off again.

A Six leads a force of Centurions on the hangar deck as the Marines stand to the side. Lee can be seen showing Baltar how to hand and load the weapon.

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