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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 8:
Sitting on the ground leaning against a log with Adama, Roslin watches the wildlife. Roslin puts her glasses on and tries to look again. She then coughs. She gives up and Adama takes her hand. Roslin wants to know if the planet has a name. Adama says, "Earth." Roslin says that it's not Earth. Adama counters that Earth is a dream and because they've earned it, "this is Earth." Roslin agrees to it. She then struggles to breath. After a moment, Adama asks if she'd like "to get a better look" at the wildlife. Roslin says that she does and wonders what he means. Adama gets up and wants her to put her arm around him.

Adama carries Roslin as Lee and Kara notice.

Adama walks over to the Raptor as Lee and Kara head that way.

Adama climbs out as Lee and Kara walk up. Adama tells Lee that he doesn't have much time. Lee says he understands. They embrace. Adama then has the same exchange with Kara that he did as the first lines back in the miniseries. They hug. She tells him that he should go and he gives her a fatherly kiss.

Adama boards the Raptor.

Lee and Kara walk to the front of the Raptor.

Roslin puts her hand up and waves.

Lee and Kara wave back as Adama takes off.

The Raptor flies off.

Lee says that his first memory of his father is of him flying away in a big plane and wondering if he would be coming back. He knows that Adama isn't coming back this time. Kara agrees that he's not and then after a moment she adds that she's not coming back either. Lee wants to where she's going. She says she has no idea, but that she's done "here," that she's completed her "journey" and it feels good.

Flashback #12:
As they continue to drink, Kara propose "you and I, right here, right now" on the table. She dares him and now he agrees. Kara climbs on the table and Lee leans over her. They kiss. Kara knocks a glass off the table and Zak wakes up long enough to say that "something's broken." That ruins the moment. Lee stands up and Lee says that he'd better go. Kara climbs off the table. They walk over by the door and Kara holds out her hand. She says that it was nice to him and they shake hands.

Kara wants to know what Lee is going to do with the first day of the rest of his life. Lee says that he had always planned to kick back and do as little as possible, but now that he's here on Earth, he wants to explore. He starts going on excitedly about various adventures as he gazes off at the horizon. He turns back to Kara and finds that she is nowhere to be seen. After looking around for a few moments, he says, "Good-bye, Kara. You won't be forgotten."

Flashback #13:
Lee wakes up on the couch of his apartment. The pigeon is on his coffee table. It looks at him and then it flies out of his apartment.

Flashback #14:
Roslin stands at the vanity in her underwear. Sean calls out to her and asks if she's okay. She shakes her head, waits a moment and then walks back into the bedroom. Sean is still in bed. Roslin walks up to the bed and says that she had a wonderful evening, but that they won't be doing "this" again. She says that it had nothing to do with him and there's nothing he can do. She walks off.

Flashback #14 Con't:
In another room, Roslin lights a cigarette and watches as Sean dresses and leaves. Roslin then picks up the phone and makes a call. She informs the other party that she will be joining Mayor Adar on his campaign and will stick with it to the end.

Adama and Roslin fly in the Raptor along the coastline where a flock of birds take off beneath them. Roslin says that there is so much life. Adama says that it's a rich continent with more wildlife than the twelve colonies put together. Roslin's hand goes limp. Adama then talks about looking for a place for the cabin and maybe a garden. Then he notices that Roslin is gone. He takes her hand, holds it to his lips as he cries, takes his ring off, puts it on her hand and kisses it one last time before putting it down. He looks up, spots a place on a hill and says that he'll build it "right there."

The Raptor lands nearby.

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