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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Flashback #1:
The cityscape is lit up as it's evening in Caprica City.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Adama and Tigh are at a strip club. Tigh tries to buy a lap dance for forty dollars for Adama, but Adama turns it down. He tells the dancer to keep the money, although he doesn't want the lap dance. The conversation turns to the one hour that Adama has to do something. Tigh says after that one hour, he'll be able to retire and not have to deal with the routine of the military and things like midnight watch. As Tigh adds that he could be at the club every night. Ellen turns up with more drinks and says that Adama wouldn't be at the club every night, because they barely got him there once. She holds up the drink and proposes a toast to retirement. After a moment, Adama seconds the toast and they all drink.

Flashback #2:
Lee and Kara talk at the dinner table. Lee is talking about politics and voting. Zak walks back in and guesses that Lee is talking politics. Kara calls Lee a nihilistic dreamer, but Zak says that he's a cynic. He points out that Lee's views are why he and his father don't talk. Zak says that his father believes in the system. Lee counters that their father believes in himself and his uniform and if you're not in "his tiny little bubble, you don't exist." Zak then points out that Lee still followed in their father's footsteps. Lee says he got four years of college from the service and he gave the military four years in return. Zak used that as evidence that Lee is indeed a Cynic. Kara then adds that she's starting to like Lee.

Flashback #3:
Sean Ellison arrives for his date with Roslin with flowers in tow. Roslin shows him in and starts pouring some wine. Sean says that the blind date is kind of awkward, but Roslin doesn't seem to mind. Although, she tells him that she feels like she knows him. He doesn't say anything. After she hands him his glass of wine, Roslin points out that he was one of her students, which means he's quite young. He admits that he knew as soon as Marcie mentioned her, but it didn't say anything. Roslin then says that he knew that she was old enough to be his. He interrupts her and says, "teacher" before she can finish. He says that he graduated "some time ago." Roslin doesn't respond, so Sean asks if he should go. Roslin responds that she didn't tell him to go and they'll just see what happens. They then take a drink.

Flashback #4:
At the strip club, Adama and Tigh talk some more. Adama asks Tigh if he'd take the job himself and Tigh offhandedly says that he would. Adama wants Tigh to look him in the eye and say it, but Tigh just watches the dancers on stage. Adama says, "I knew it." He then hits two more shots.

Flashback #5:
Kara and Lee help Zak to the couch because he's quite drunk. Zak can only mumble that he loves them. They manage to get Zak on the couch. Lee says that Zak never could hold his liquor. Kara now wants to do shots with Lee. She walks over and grabs a couple of shot glasses and a bottle.

Flashback #6:
Outside the club, Adama sits on the curb and throws up on his suit. He sits back, looks up at the stars and smiles.

Back in the present, the constellation Orion can be seen behind the fleet and Galactica as ships are departing Galactica's hangar deck. One of the ships is Colonial One.

Baltar sits alone in the now empty compartment where his followers had been staying. Inner Six turns up. tells him not to worry and to trust in god's plan for him. He wants to know what that plan is. She says that he's taking charge of mankind's remnants and leading them to their end. He asks, "End of what?"

Paulla interrupts and says that they are ready to go. Baltar wants "five seconds more" and Paulla leaves.

Baltar sits and looks at Inner Six.

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