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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 9:

Two parties of survivors set out in different directions. Lampkin makes a head count of the second one and then joins in.

Ellen and Tigh trail behind.

Even further behind, Helo, Athena and Hera walk. Helo says that there's a lot of game on the planet and that he's a pretty good hunter, which makes Athena laugh. She reminds him about the buck on Caprica. She says that she'll teach Hera how to hunt. Athena then says that she'll teach Hera to build a house and plant crops. Helo says that she can teach Hera those things, but he's going to teach her to hunt. Hera then runs ahead.

Baltar and Caprica Six stand on a nearby hill and talk as they watch Helo, Athena and Hera. Baltar wonders if Hera will be alright. Inner Six and Inner Baltar turn up and say that she will be fine thanks to both of them. Caprica Six is surprised that is all they needed to do. Inner Six does then point out that god's plan is never complete, which prompts a cynical "great" from Baltar. Inner Baltar adds, "It's safe to say that you're lives will be much less eventful now. They disappear. Baltar then holds out his hand for Caprica and she takes it.

Flashback #15:
Baltar and Caprica Six meet in the park in Caprica City as seen in the miniseries before the Cylon attacks. Caprica greets Baltar and then then start walking. Baltar says that he's secured access to the defense mainframe for her. She says that her employers will be grateful. He says that he doesn't care about them because he's doing it for her and wants to know how it makes her feel. She says she'd be "very grateful." He says that he'll put that to the test because if anyone finds out, he's as good as dead so he's counting on her discretion. He then makes a crack about "the things men do for love." Caprica reacts to his use of the word "love" and Baltar covers himself by saying, "You know what I mean." He puts his glasses back on and they continue walking as she laughs.

Back on Earth, Caprica Six and Baltar start to walk off and he says that he spotted some terrain that is good for cultivation. He then adds that he knows about farming as he starts to cry. Caprica says that she knows he does. She then kisses him. They then start walking off.

Adama sits at the top of the hill. He says that he laid out the cabin to have an easterly view. He says when the sun comes up, the light is almost heavenly which reminds him of Roslin. Roslin's grave can then be seen within feet of where Adama sits.

Hera runs in the meadow before various landscapes are seen.

The meadow dissolves into a desert which dissolves into an ocean which dissolves into a coastline, which dissolves into a forest.

(Caption: 150,000 Years Later)
The forest is revealed to be Central Park.

At a newsstand in Times Square, Ron Moore reads an article about the finding of fossilized remains of a 150,000 year old skeleton of a young girl that might be Mitochondrial Eve, who is believed to be the most recent common ancestor of all human beings on Earth. . Inner Six is reading the article over his shoulder. The last line of the article states that Mitochondrial Eve lived in Tanzania over 150,000 years ago. Inner Baltar adds that she lived with her human father and Cylon mother all those years ago. They move away from the newsstand.

Inner Six says, "Commercialism. Decadence. Technology run amuck. Remind you of anything?"

Inner Baltar answers, "Take your pick. Kobol. Earth. The real Earth before this one. Caprica before the fall."

Inner Six then says, "All of this has happened before."

Inner Baltar continues, "But the question remains, does all of this have to happen again?"

Inner Six answers, "This time, I bet no."

Inner Baltar stops and looks at her, "You know, I've never known you to play the optimist. Why the change of heart?"

Inner Six responds, "Mathematics. Law of averages. Let a complex system repeat itself long enough, eventually something surprising might occur. That too is in god's plan."

Inner Baltar looks at her, takes a step toward her and sternly says, "You know it doesn't like that name."

Inner Six just looks at him.

Inner Baltar touches his sunglasses, cracks a half smile and says, "Silly me. Silly, silly me." He puts his arm around her and they walk off.

"All Along the Watchtower" starts playing from a radio as a nearby television screen shows footage of the latest advances in modern robotics.

The shot pans across Times Square, which is full of television screens and electronic signs..

Inner Six and Inner Baltar walk off on the crowded street and disappear into the crowd.

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