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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 5:
The remaining Vipers land on Galactica as the Raiders move off.

A Doral stands in CIC as he looks down at a dead Doral. He moves closer to the Command and Control station where Cavil and Simon are already standing near. As the Doral comes closer, Cavil moves off. Lee reports to Adama that four Vipers were lost. Kara reports that seven Raptors were lost as she hangs up the wireless. . Lee and Kara report the casualties. Athena sits on the floor and holds Hera as Caprica Six kneels nearby. Baltar helps Caprica Six up. Roslin sits next to Adama at the station. Roslin wants to know what the Final Five are doing. Adama says that they each know a part of resurrection and will interact with the data flow in the water long enough to download the secrets.

Ellen informs them that for a moment they will know everything that there is to know about one another. Tigh responds with a crack. Tory is visibly worried about the idea and says that there are things that we have all done that people would be shocked about.

From down below in CIC, Cavil interjects, "I don't mean to rush you, but you are keeping two civilizations waiting."

Tory wants everyone to agree that no matter what they learn, that they remember that they are all Cylons and capable of making mistakes. Tigh makes a crack about all her dark secrets being forgiven and then wants to get on with it. They all put their hands in the water, starting the downloading.

Down below, Simon reports to Cavil that they are downloading the designs for Resurrection and everything "looks right."

There are glimpses of Ellen's life and then Tigh. When it moves to Tory, Tyrol gets upset when he sees Tory strike Cally in the airlock. He can't take it anymore when he sees that Tory airlocked Cally. He pulls his hand from the tub, which leads to a violent interruption of the download. He grabs Tory by the neck and starts choking her.

The Doral immediately pulls out his weapon as everyone else is stunned to see what is going on. Lee grabs his weapons and moves back. Simon says that the download has been broken off. The Doral says that it was a trick and orders them to open fire. Adama and Roslin hit the deck.

Tyrol snaps Tory's neck and throws her body aside.

Caprica Six, Baltar, Kara and Lee all fire. The Doral goes down first and then Simon. Cavil yells, "Frak!" puts his handgun to his mouth and pulls the trigger.

The Raiders have returned and are peppering Galactica with weapons fire.

In her damaged Raptor, Racetrack's corpse can be seen.

Racetrack's Raptor is struck by debris, shifting the Raptor.

Racetrack's lifeless hand flops over and hits the weapons release and because the Raptor's weapons were hot, all the Raptor's missiles launch.

The nukes hit the Colony inflicting critical damage.

As explosions go on all around, Adama says that they have to jump. He orders Kara to jump the ship. She runs to the nav station and then says that she doesn't have the rendezvous coordinates. Adama says that it doesn't matter where she jumps them. Kara starts pulling the pieces together of her death, destiny and the song to realize that the notes of the song correspond to coordinates. She punches them in and initiates the jump.

Flashback #8:
Lee and Kara drink shots. Lee says that she's "tempting fate." She says that if she has a fate, then it's already set and thinking about it isn't going to make it happen any faster. He counters that thinking about dying while flying is going to make her get scared and start second-guessing herself. She says that thinking about dying doesn't ever make her scared, but she does get scared. He wants to know what she's scared of and she says that she's scared of being forgotten.

Galactica jumps in and literally warps from the strain. She stabilizes and the engines come back online as the FTL drive remains offline.

In CIC, Baltar and Caprica Six get up. Caprica Six helps Athena who is still holding Hera. Adama gets up and helps Roslin up. He looks up to Anders' position and calls on Tigh for a SitRep.

Tigh checks on Ellen, who says that she's okay.

Tigh walks past Tory's body and a sullen Tyrol down to CIC's main deck.

Tigh checks the Damage Control station and reports that Galactica is barely holding together due to damage to her lateral structure and that she'll never make another jump. Adama says that wherever they are, they are there to stay. Roslin wonders where Kara has jumped them.

Over at the nav station, Kara has no answer. She just looks at the jump coordinates.

Galactica drifts over a moon, which is revealed to be orbiting Earth with the continent of Africa in sight.

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