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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Marines fight the new and old model Centurions who have boarded the Galactica. Baltar and Caprica Six fire before taking cover. Someone else takes out the Centurion. Baltar then gets back up again and opens fire on the already incapacitated Centurion. Suddenly, Lee calls out that they are friendlies. Baltar keeps firing even as Caprica Six grabs his gun and points it up and away from the corridor. Lee and the team move up the corridor. Baltar apologizes, but Lee tells Baltar that he did "good." Kara says she'll take Hera and she moves out with Athena, Helo and Hera in tow. Moments later, there's another explosion up the corridor. Lee tells Caprica Six and Baltar to fall back. Centurions come into sight. Lee and another Marine start firing to cover everyone else's retreat.

Roslin sits in the corridor just outside sickbay in her blood spattered gown. She then gives herself one of the injections and has a vision of Hera and the Opera House. She stands up, takes the gown off and starts to move down the corridor.

Starbuck leads the escort team with Hera, Helo and Athena. Suddenly, a lone Doral walks out from where they had just passed. He shoots the two trailing Marines and Helo before Starbuck guns him down. Athena immediately move to place a tourniquet on Helo's leg. A lone Centurion appears and Kara takes it down. The gunfire prompts Hera to run off. Athena calls her. Helo tells her to go. She's concerned that he'll bleed out, but he tells her to go. Athena runs off after Hera.

Athena had a vision of chasing Hera through the Opera House.

Hera runs through Galactica corridors even as there is fighting all around her.

Roslin walks through the corridors as well as she slips in and out of the vision.

Cavil has boarded the Galactica and is leading a force of new and old Centurions through the ship.

Roslin catches up with Hera and holds her. Just then, they hear something and have to hide. Cavil and his Centurions walk by. Roslin looks back to find Hera is gone again.

Baltar and Caprica Six enter corridor through a hatch, closing it behind them. They take positions and check their ammunition. Baltar is out and Caprica Six only has two rounds left. They turn around to find Hera standing behind them covering her ears.

Roslin and Athena join up as the vision of the Opera House flickers in and out again.

Caprica Six picks up Hera and follows Baltar through a hatch, which closes behind them.

Roslin and Athena reach the hatch just as the vision of the door in the Opera House closes. Athena struggles to open the hatch with no luck.

Baltar and Caprica Six slip in and out of the Opera House vision. Baltar realizes that they have been there before and that they have to go into the Opera House. Baltar takes Hera from Caprica Six and then enter the "Opera House," which turns out to be CIC.

Baltar and Caprica Six walk in to find that there has been fighting in CIC.

Adama finishes off a Simon.

Baltar and Caprica Six look up to see the Final Five standing on the upper deck in CIC like the hooded figures in the vision of the Opera House.

As Baltar moves further into CIC, a Marine reports, "this one is still alive." Adama orders it taken out of there. He then notices that they have Hera, who Baltar puts down. Just then, there's another explosion that rocks the ship. Cavil comes from nowhere, takes out two Marines and grabs Hera.

Adama and Caprica Six immediately raise their weapons.

Cavil says that he'll just take Hera with him and leave.

Adama says, "Not a chance." There's another blast and Adama is thrown off-balance.

Caprica Six raises her weapon and says, "Cavil, we won't let you take Hera. You know that." He counters that he knows that they will "chase [their] tales across the universe for another forty years."

From above, Tigh says, "That's not going to happen."

Cavil responds, "This thing is the key to my people's survival and I'm not going to leave without it."

Baltar says that Hera isn't a thing, but rather a child and that she holds the key to humanity's survival as well. Cavil wants to know how Baltar knows that.

Baltar catches sight of Inner Six and Inner Baltar standing in CIC watching.

Baltar replies that it's because he sees angels in the room with them. He stands down as he says that he might be "mad," but it can't be denied that there is "another force at work here and always has been." He says that everyone in the room has experienced something extraordinary that they can't explain away by rational means like puzzles in prophecy, dreams "given to a chosen few or "loved ones dead, risen." He says what they decided to call it, something greater exists and "our two destinies are entwined with its force." Cavil wants to know if there is some god at work, does he have their best interests in mind and that god is on their side. Baltar replies that he doesn't and that god isn't on anyone's side, but is a force of nature behind good or evil. Baltar continues that good and evil are their creation and it's up to them to break the cycle of birth, death, rebirth, destruction, escape, death. He says that in order to do that, a leap of faith and hope are required. Cavil points out that Hera means the extinction of his kind, so how would their extinction fit in..

Up on deck, Tigh says that they will give Cavil resurrection, which prompts a reaction from Ellen. Tigh continues that they will give him resurrection only on the conditions that Cavil turns Hera over, that the fighting ends, that they go their separate ways and give up the pursuit of humanity for all time.

Cavil quickly agrees to the deal.

Adama wants to know how he can trust Cavil. Cavil counters that he'll just have to make a leap of faith. Tigh says that it's up to Adama and will support him no matter what his decision. Adama points out that there is fighting still going on and that men are still dying. Cavil says he can do something about it and wants the phone. Caprica Six gives him the phone as Adama orders that Cavil be patched through. Cavil orders the Cylons to stand down.

Hot Dog reports to CIC that the Cylons have broken off.

In CIC, Cavil puts the phone down as Adama orders everyone to stand down. Cavil lets Hera go and she runs to Caprica Six's arms. Cavil tells Adama that he's as good as his word.

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