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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

#1 - Adama/Tigh/Ellen #1:
The cityscape is lit up as it's evening in Caprica City.

#1 Con't - Adama/Tigh/Ellen #1 Con't:
Adama and Tigh are at a strip club. Tigh tries to buy a lap dance for forty dollars for Adama, but Adama turns it down. He tells the dancer to keep the money, although he doesn't want the lap dance. The conversation turns to the one hour that Adama has to do something. Tigh says after that one hour, he'll be able to retire and not have to deal with the routine of the military and things like midnight watch. As Tigh adds that he could be at the club every night. Ellen turns up with more drinks and says that Adama wouldn't be at the club every night, because they barely got him there once. She holds up the drink and proposes a toast to retirement. After a moment, Adama seconds the toast and they all drink.

#2 - Lee & Kara #1:
Lee and Kara talk at the dinner table. Lee is talking about politics and voting. Zak walks back in and guesses that Lee is talking politics. Kara calls Lee a nihilistic dreamer, but Zak says that he's a cynic. He points out that Lee's views are why he and his father don't talk. Zak says that his father believes in the system. Lee counters that their father believes in himself and his uniform and if you're not in "his tiny little bubble, you don't exist." Zak then points out that Lee still followed in their father's footsteps. Lee says he got four years of college from the service and he gave the military four years in return. Zak used that as evidence that Lee is indeed a Cynic. Kara then adds that she's starting to like Lee.

#3 - Roslin #1:
Sean Ellison arrives for his date with Roslin with flowers in tow. Roslin shows him in and starts pouring some wine. Sean says that the blind date is kind of awkward, but Roslin doesn't seem to mind. Although, she tells him that she feels like she knows him. He doesn't say anything. After she hands him his glass of wine, Roslin points out that he was one of her students, which means he's quite young. He admits that he knew as soon as Marcie mentioned her, but it didn't say anything. Roslin then says that he knew that she was old enough to be his. He interrupts her and says, "teacher" before she can finish. He says that he graduated "some time ago." Roslin doesn't respond, so Sean asks if he should go. Roslin responds that she didn't tell him to go and they'll just see what happens. They then take a drink.

#4 - Adama/Tigh/Ellen #2:
At the strip club, Adama and Tigh talk some more. Adama asks Tigh if he'd take the job himself and Tigh offhandedly says that he would. Adama wants Tigh to look him in the eye and say it, but Tigh just watches the dancers on stage. Adama says, "I knew it." He then hits two more shots.

#5 - Lee & Kara #2:
Kara and Lee help Zak to the couch because he's quite drunk. Zak can only mumble that he loves them. They manage to get Zak on the couch. Lee says that Zak never could hold his liquor. Kara now wants to do shots with Lee. She walks over and grabs a couple of shot glasses and a bottle.

#6 - Adama #1:
Outside the club, Adama sits on the curb and throws up on his suit. He sits back, looks up at the stars and smiles.

#7 - Boomer:
In Adama's quarters, Tigh and Adama point out that Boomer missed the trap seven times in two days. Adama says that she's washed out according to the regs. Tigh says that it's time to look for a new career. Boomer wants to know what Adama wants her to do. Adama says that he wants her to land her bird without "digging holes in my deck." He wants her to be a pilot, respect the uniform, take it seriously and stop letting her personal life get in the way. He says that he's read her file and he knows that she has no family and that the service is all she has. Adama continues that she's about to lose that because she's wrapped up in survivor's guilt. Adama tells her that Galactica has a lot of ghosts on it and that she doesn't need to drag them into the cockpit with her. Boomer indicates that she understands although Adama doesn't think she does, just yet. Adama gives her one last shot to "make the trap tomorrow." Boomer says that she owes him one. He says that she's not the only one, but most never pay back especially those that "owe you their lives." Tigh can be heard snickering. Boomer says that she will pay him back when it really means something.

#8 - Lee & Kara #3:
Lee and Kara drink shots. Lee says that she's "tempting fate." She says that if she has a fate, then it's already set and thinking about it isn't going to make it happen any faster. He counters that thinking about dying while flying is going to make her get scared and start second-guessing herself. She says that thinking about dying doesn't ever make her scared, but she does get scared. He wants to know what she's scared of and she says that she's scared of being forgotten.

#9 - Adama #2:
Adama is taking a lie detector test. He's asked if his name is William Adama, which he answers. He asked if he's an officer in the colonial fleet, which he answers. He's asked if he's a Cylon and reluctantly answers. The next question is whether he's ever taken money from a cash drawer. At that, he gets up and says that the job isn't worth the money if his word is going to be questioned. He says he'd rather spend what's left of his career commanding a broken down old ship.

#10 - Anders:
Anders talks about perfection. He says that it's about the moments when you can feel the perfection of creation. He talks of the perfection of science, physics and mathematics.

#11 - Adama/Tigh/Ellen #4:
Tigh and Ellen talk at the strip club. Ellen asks where Bill is and Tigh says he's in the bathroom. Ellen asks him to buy her some drinks. Ellen is happy to celebrate his impending retirement. She says that all she's ever wanted is to for them to be together all the time rather than just brief periods like weekend liberties and two weeks leave a year. She says that it didn't matter where they were as long as they were together. They toast, take a drink and hug.

#12 - Lee & Kara #4:
As they continue to drink, Kara propose "you and I, right here, right now" on the table. She dares him and now he agrees. Kara climbs on the table and Lee leans over her. They kiss. Kara knocks a glass off the table and Zak wakes up long enough to say that "something's broken." That ruins the moment. Lee stands up and Lee says that he'd better go. Kara climbs off the table. They walk over by the door and Kara holds out her hand. She says that it was nice to him and they shake hands.

#13 - Lee:
Lee wakes up on the couch of his apartment. The pigeon is on his coffee table. It looks at him and then it flies out of his apartment.

#14 - Roslin #2:
Roslin stands at the vanity in her underwear. Sean calls out to her and asks if she's okay. She shakes her head, waits a moment and then walks back into the bedroom. Sean is still in bed. Roslin walks up to the bed and says that she had a wonderful evening, but that they won't be doing "this" again. She says that it had nothing to do with him and there's nothing he can do. She walks off.

#14 Con't - Roslin #2 Con't:
In another room, Roslin lights a cigarette and watches as Sean dresses and leaves. Roslin then picks up the phone and makes a call. She informs the other party that she will be joining Mayor Adar on his campaign and will stick with it to the end.

#15 - Baltar & Caprica Six:
Baltar and Caprica Six meet in the park in Caprica City as seen in the miniseries before the Cylon attacks. Caprica greets Baltar and then then start walking. Baltar says that he's secured access to the defense mainframe for her. She says that her employers will be grateful. He says that he doesn't care about them because he's doing it for her and wants to know how it makes her feel. She says she'd be "very grateful." He says that he'll put that to the test because if anyone finds out, he's as good as dead so he's counting on her discretion. He then makes a crack about "the things men do for love." Caprica reacts to his use of the word "love" and Baltar covers himself by saying, "You know what I mean." He puts his glasses back on and they continue walking as she laughs.

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