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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Galactica moves away from the fleet.

In CIC, Adama listens as Hoshi reports that the flag has been transferred to the baseship and the Vipers are ready to assume the CAP. Tigh responds and signs off. Adama then orders Tigh to go "around the horn." Tigh picks up the wireless and keys the intercom. He orders all combat stations to prepar to report.

Tyrol can be seen manning navigation and Tigh calls upon him first to acknowledge that the FTL is ready.

As the various stations call in, Ishay shows Roslin how to get ready for the wounded. She tells Roslin to separate out the wounded by those that can be saved and those who can't be. Roslin wants to know how she'll know. Ishay hands her a marker so that she can put an 'X' on the forehead of those who are fatally wounded. She says that Roslin will know the difference. When it's sick bay's turn, Roslin picks up the phone and reports they are ready.

In CIC, Adama reacts to hearing Roslin.

Hot Dog answers Tigh that the Viper wing is ready.

Red striped Centurions stand by as Lee reports that Assault 1 is ready.

Raptors are crowded down in the area of the hangar deck that had been converted to a museum. The old style centurion and model of a baseship can still be seen. Onboard Helo and Athena's Raptor, Kara reports that

In a Galactica corridor, a Marine reports that the Reserve Force is ready. This is where Caprica Six and Baltar are stationed. Baltar says that she shouldn't be there and she points out that she's seen more battles than him and she rechecks her weapons magazine for emphasis. Baltar concedes the point and then wonders why he's there. Tigh can be heard ordering the blast doors closed.

In CIC, Tigh hangs up the wireless and then checks with Ellen.

Ellen replies, "I think we're a go up here."

Adama picks up the intercom and says, "This is the Admiral. Just so there will be no misunderstandings later, Galactica 's seen a lot of history, gone through a lot of battles. This will be her last. She will not fail us if we do not fail her. If we succeed in our mission, Galactica will bring us home. If we don't, it doesn't matter anyway. Action stations." He hangs up the wireless and orders the jump.

Tyrol starts the jump countdown.

Galactica jumps away.

Galactica jumps into the "parking spot" near the Colony.

Immediately, the Colony's weapons open fire and Galactica's gun captains respond.

As CIC is rocked, Tigh points out that the ship can't take much more. Adama turns to look up at Anders' position.

Galactica gets strafed with various ordinance.

Ellen says that it's time. She plugs Anders in.

CIC goes dark.

Galactica continues to take heavy fire.

A hybrid sits in her tub in the Colony babbling like usual.

Anders sits in his tub.

Suddenly, the hybrid grows quiet.

The Colony's weapons cease firing.

Ellen reports that the Colony's hybrids are offline and that they'll be launching Raiders "any minute."

Tigh picks up the wireless and give the order to "Launch all wings."

The Vipers launch.

The Raptors jump directly from the starboard flight pod. The jumps cause structural failure in the pod as it can be seen venting into space after they jump.

Four Raptors jump back in on the other side of the Colony.

Helo and Athena pilot the Raptor as Kara stands in the back of the Raptor.

Tigh reports the "birds are away." Adama immediately turns and orders "all ahead flank speed."

At navigation, Tyrol readies.

Tigh gets on the intercom and orders, "All hands brace for impact."

Tyrol engages the engines.

Galactica starts to move forward.

Lee grabs onto a railing as Tigh can be heard saying, "Assault 1, stand by."

Galactica slams into the Colony. After a moment, it pushes through the outer shell of the Colony.

The impact throws people and gear around all over Galactica.

There are more structural failures at the front of the ship where Assault 1 is stationed.

Adama holds his shoulder as he struggles to stand up at the Command and Control station. Tigh picks himself up off the floor. Just before the dradis goes down, Adama sees Cylon Raiders are launching.

Hot Dog leads the Vipers against the Raiders.

Down below, Lee gives the order and forward airlocks are blown.

The assault team repels out of the airlocks to the surface of the Colony as the red striped Centurions move out as well.

A Centurion scouts ahead and then motions back. Lee and the Marines move up the corridor. One reports to Lee that they have air pressure. The Marines take their helmets off and then start moving again with side by side with the red striped Centurions.

Five Raptors fly through the thick debris. One Raptor gets hit with a huge asteroid and goes off line.

In their Raptor, Helo reports that Raptor has been lost. Athena says that dradis is worthless. Helo "hopes" that it affects the Cylons as well. Helo wants to know if they've been spotted yet and Athena replies that she hasn't looked at the instruments in a while and doesn't think he wants her to start.

Racetrack and Skulls are in their Raptor. Racetrack orders weapons hot. Skulls asks her if she's sure about it and she says she isn't, but doesn't want to fly into the clear with cold weapons. Skulls engages the weapons and reports that the "nukes are hot." As Skulls starts to tell a story, the Raptor is impacted small chuck of debris that blows right through the cockpit window, killing Skulls instantly and spraying debris throughout the cockpit which compromises Racetrack's flight suit helmet and kills her as well.

In CIC, Adama gives orders to the gun batteries while Tigh orders Hot Dog and Ladykiller to concentrate on the Raiders closing in.

Hot Dog engages and takes out Raiders.

A fourth Raptor lands on the outer shell of the Colony, joining the other three Raptors already there.

Kara and her Raptor force board the Colony and almost soon encounter resistance from both old and new model Centurions.

Simon continues to run tests on Hera as faint sounds of battle can be heard. Boomer wants to know if he intends to continue even as the Colony is under attack. Simon doesn't believe that the attack will succeed because he believes that they have superior firepower and manpower even if their hybrids are offline. He says that in the end "it's all about mathematics." Suddenly, Boomer snaps his neck. She then picks up the unconscious Hera and carries her off.

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