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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3
Episode Number: 420
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Fighting continues as old and new model Centurions and face off with the assault team's red striped Centurions.

Lee and his team move on leaving the Centurions behind.

Roslin leans against a bed in sick bay waiting.

Tyrol tells Anders to cut the amount of power that Anders is pushing. Anders acknowledges Tyrol with, "lay off the ACS. You betcha, Galen. Open your mind and hear what your heart wants to deny."

The battle continues over Galactica as a Viper collides with a Raider.

Simon, Doral and Cavil have found the other Simon dead. Doral says that Boomer should not have been trusted. Cavil counters that it wasn't about trust, it was a miscalculation about "her need to engage in gestures of futility." Simon figures that Boomer's going to try to make contact with the humans on the Colony. Cavil decides that it's time to "go on the offensive." Simon points out the obvious about too much force endangering Hera's wellbeing. This brings a snarky response from Cavil.

Baltar and Caprica Six wait at their reserve position. She tells him that she's proud of him for staying. She says that she's always wanted to be proud of him and that was problem the only thing missing. They kiss, but are interrupted by Inner Six saying, "All the pieces are falling into place." They turn to find Inner Baltar and Inner Six standing there. Inner Baltar says, "You will hold the future of Cylons and humans in your hands." When both Caprica Six and Baltar reply, they realize that they both can see both Inner/head counterparts. Just then, there's a blast.

In CIC, Tigh reports that the Cylons have blown a hole in Deck 21.

Old model and new model Cylons board Galactica .

The reserve forces engage the Cylon boarding party.

Kara, Helo and Athena engage a pair of Centurions and then move again.

The assault team moves through a quiet corridor. Suddenly, Boomer comes around the corner with Hera. Everyone stops. Boomer moves closer and Helo starts to move forward, but Athena grabs him and pulls him back. Athena moves forward to take Hera from Boomer, who wants them to tell Adama that she owed him one. Athena says that it doesn't change anything she's done. Boomer agrees and says, "We all make our choices. Today, I made a choice. I think it's my last one." Kara wants them to move out. Boomer says that their Raptor has already been destroyed, but Athena says that wasn't the plan as Helo takes Hera from her. Kara requests that Athena not tell Boomer the plan. Athena then shoots Boomer dead.

Flashback #7:
In Adama's quarters, Tigh and Adama point out that Boomer missed the trap seven times in two days. Adama says that she's washed out according to the regs. Tigh says that it's time to look for a new career. Boomer wants to know what Adama wants her to do. Adama says that he wants her to land her bird without "digging holes in my deck." He wants her to be a pilot, respect the uniform, take it seriously and stop letting her personal life get in the way. He says that he's read her file and he knows that she has no family and that the service is all she has. Adama continues that she's about to lose that because she's wrapped up in survivor's guilt. Adama tells her that Galactica has a lot of ghosts on it and that she doesn't need to drag them into the cockpit with her. Boomer indicates that she understands although Adama doesn't think she does, just yet. Adama gives her one last shot to "make the trap tomorrow." Boomer says that she owes him one. He says that she's not the only one, but most never pay back especially those that "owe you their lives." Tigh can be heard snickering. Boomer says that she will pay him back when it really means something.

In sick bay, the wounded have started to come in. Ishay is giving out orders. Roslin tries to comfort one, but Ishay walks up, puts an 'X' on his forehead and tells Roslin, "he's gone." Roslin starts to move to the next patient.

Kara, Helo and Athena run into Lee and his team. Starbuck reports that she hasn't seen any other Raptor teams. Lee orders that they retrace their steps.

The battle continues as gun captains can be seen firing away.

A Raider closes in and launches missiles. The missile strike Galactica taking out gun batteries.

In CIC, Adama struggles to hear Lee make a report. Tigh orders red striped Centurions to move to "Deck 21, port side, Frame 10." Lee gets through long enough to tell Adama that they have the "prize." Adama acknowledges the message and states ETA is five minutes. Just then, another blast and a fire starts up near Anders' position. Tory yells about the fire. Tigh hangs up his phone and runs to respond. Adama orders reserve forces to guard the airlock as assault forces are in route with an "ETA five minutes." Tyrol can be seen manning a fire extinguisher up above.

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