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Razor Telefilm Recap

Act 1:
On the Pegasus flight deck, Lee and Starbuck share a little small talk just before President Roslin introduces Lee as the commander of the Pegasus.

Lee walks up to the podium and begins to speak.

A knife (the same knife from the teaser) thuds into the wall as Lee continues.

In the Pegasus kitchen, Kendra Shaw pulls the knife out of the wall. She walks over and leans closer to the speaker.

Kara looks on as Lee makes it clear that he's going to restore military principles to Pegasus.

The flight crew and pilots look on as Lee announces that he has already named Kara Thrace as CAG.

Back in the kitchen, Shaw turns off Lee's speech as he says he'll be making additional officer assignments. She looks around.

Shaw walks over to one of the other men on kitchen duty. She comments that "the more things change, the more they stay the same." He agrees as he tosses down his apron and walks out.

Shaw waits until they all have left. She walks over, takes a can down, opens it up and pulls out a syringe. She injects herself in the neck.

As the drug takes effect, Kendra flashes back to the dead civilians on the Scylla as Laird can be seen looking on.

Kendra walks up the corridor to a guarded doorway.

Kara walks out, gives her a snide look and then walks off. Lee can be heard telling her to come in.

Shaw walks in and reports to Lee. Lee offers a seat, but Shaw declines it, stating that she's used to standing in this room. Lee makes a comment about Cain not being big on chairs and casting a big shadow even in death. Shaw misses the comment. Lee moves on to talking about her reviews, which show that Cain thought highly of her. This was followed by increasingly negative reports from Fisk and Garner, who ended up demoting her to kitchen duty for continual insubordinate behavior. He then asks who she is.

Flashback #1:
(Caption: Scorpion Fleet Shipyards; Ten Months Ago )
Several shots of the Pegasus docked as she undergoes maintenance.

A Raptor is seen approaching the Pegasus.

In the Raptor, Shaw moves up from the back to get a better view out the cockpit window as docking procedures can be heard.

From Shaw's point of view, the Raptor enters the flight bay.

In her quarters, Admiral Cain walks on the treadmill as she looks over ship schematics and maintenance progress reports. The door buzzes and Cain grants entry. Her XO, Colonel Jurgen Belzen walks in.

Belzen gets one look at Cain's leisure reading and makes a comment. She counters with a comment about the Scorpia Paragliding magazine that he's carrying. He then asks what she's doing on shore leave. She says she hasn't made definite plans, though she's considering going home to Tauron to visit friends. Belzen asks her to go with them to Gemenon for a weekend. Cain says that she's got a long repair list and doesn't want to leave the Pegasus while the network is down. Belzen tells her that she's been going nonstop for more than a year and that as her XO, he's telling her that "it's okay to get off the treadmill once in a while." After a pause, she says that she'll think about it. He nods and then leaves. She waits for him to walk out and then starts running on the treadmill.

On the Pegasus flight deck, Shaw climbs down from the Raptor. She attempts to ask for directions, but is ignored first on the flight deck and later in the corridor.

Gina overhears her last attempt and asks her if she's looking for the CIC. She's pleasant with Kendra, comments that she's the network administrator and then shows her directions to CIC on a ship schematic. Kendra thanks her and introduces herself. Gina does likewise. Kendra recognizes that Gina's last name means "resurrection" in old Gemenese. Gina is surprised. Kendra explains that she was a classics major. Gina welcomes her onboard and Kendra walks off.

Kendra walks up to CIC.

Kendra walks into CIC and reports to Admiral Cain. As Belzen and Fisk look on, Cain dresses Kendra down for taking so long to reach CIC. Cain says that Kendra is onboard thanks to her mother's influence in an effort to build Kendra's career. Kendra points out her mother died of cancer. Cain tells her not to try to evoke sympathy from her again. Cain then orders Hoshi to show Kendra to her quarters and dismisses Kendra.

Cain waits until Kendra leaves and shares a laugh with Belzen. She then says that she'll be in her quarters and she leaves.

As they walk, Hoshi explains that with the network and the right pass codes, one can control any part of the ship from somewhere else, which is like having unlimited backups. He then tells her that the network is down right now. They then share a joke about what could go wrong with that model. Suddenly, there is an explosion and then the corridor explodes.

Kendra comes around to find herself on the ground with Hoshi lying unconscious nearby.

Kendra is in a fog as Cain walks up to her and asks her if she's okay. Kendra, who is bleeding from cut on her head, is unresponsive. Cain slaps her to bring her around.

Cain helps her up, calls to Hoshi and then orders Kendra to follow her to CIC.

Outside, the Cylons are launching nukes on the shipyards.

In CIC, Fisk is lying unconscious while Belzen gather damage reports. Cain walks in and wants a report.

Belzen explains that they've been hit by several nuclear detonations. Cain surmises that the Cylons have broken the armistice and launched an all-out attack. Belzen further reports that draedis is erratic while weapons and computers are completely offline. He says that they have to do everything manually. Cain gathers her thoughts.

Outside, Cylon Raiders deliver more fire and several ships and the shipyard explode.

Cain orders that them to leave dock.

Pegasus breaks away.

Cain orders Kendra to get the FTL up and running.

A Cylon Raider launches more nukes in Pegasus' direction.

Belzen reports that two nukes are closing in.

Kendra reports that the FTL is spinning up, but without the computer, no jump can be calculated. Cain orders her to just jump. Kendra argues that they could end up jumping into a sun.

Belzen reports the missiles are closing.

Cain says that he doesn't matter where they go.

Belzen says, "five seconds."

Cain says, "Just do it, lieutenant."

Kendra initiates the jump just before the nukes reach the Pegasus.
End of Flashback #1

Kendra tells Lee that she's a soldier. She says that Fisk and Garner didn't deserve her respect so they didn't get it. She calls Fisk a black market sell-out and a piece of garbage, while Garner was a marionette and micro-manager. Lee doesn't disagree. He then asks her to give her opinion of him. She says that he's a step up, but is an outsider brought in to clean up and was given the command by his "daddy." Lee takes a moment and then asks her if she wants to be his new XO. She is taken aback. He says that he needs a strong XO and show some respect for Cain's legacy even if he personally doesn't believe in it in an effort to give the crew back its pride. He then tells her that she's out of uniform and is dismissed.

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