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Razor Telefilm Recap

  • Admiral Adama's first mission took place on the final day of the First Cylon War.
  • On that mission, he ended up on an icy planet where he witnessed first-hand the first Cylon attempts at creating humanoid models.
  • There is group of older model Cylon Centurions that have managed to avoid being scrapped. Among the Cylon, they have become known as the Guardians and they protect the first hybrid. They are known amongst the newer models, but seem to be written off at least by the (superior) humanoid models.
  • Kendra's mother died of cancer shortly before the Cylon attacks. She was powerful enough that her death was in the papers and that she was able to pull strings to get Kendra assigned to the Pegasus .
  • Cain was from Tauron.
  • Gina and Cain were lovers.
  • In the Cylon attack on the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards , the Pegasus lost 723 personnel. Twelve Vipers and two Raptors were destroyed and another seventeen ships were too badly damaged to be repaired.
  • In the attack on the Comm Relay, The Pegasus lost 816 dead and 121 injured. Thirty-two Vipers destroyed were destroyed while another sixty-one were badly damaged without enough parts to repair them all.
  • It was Kendra that pulled the trigger that resulted in the civilian deaths on the Scylla that led to Laird being "drafted" as the Pegasus' Deck Chief.

  • Sharon tells Adama that the Cylons adapt to the tactics of the fleet.

  • In production terms, this telefilm is considered the first two episodes of the fourth season. However, in continuity, it takes place during the 2 nd half of the 2 nd season.
  • 49,579 survivors
  • This film is reminiscent of the Babylon 5 telefilm In the Beginning .

  • "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death. They must not follow her."

Unanswered Questions:
  • What else might Adama know about the Cylons since he knew about the hybrid/humanoid experiments, as well as the secret mission that broke armistice?
  • Why was Cain so revered by her crew? Yes, her quick thinking did save the ship from destruction at the shipyards, but it was her decision to attack the Comm Relay even when the expected odds had changed and this had to have been something that would have circulated throughout the ship (unlike her relationship with Gina. There is no other evidence of why the crew is so fiercely loyal to her even after her death.
  • What did Thorne do that saved many of the crew several times over?
  • Was Kendra in love with Cain? At least that would explain her blind loyalty to (rather than fear of) Cain.
  • What was Kendra shooting up on? How long had she been taking drugs? Since she was demoted? Since the Cylon attacks? Or long before?
  • How was Kendra's exact involvement in the incident on the Scylla covered up for so long? Why hadn't Laird come forward with that information the first chance he could?
  • What does the hybrid's prophesy mean for Kara? For the fleet? For the Cylons? For Hera and Nicolas?
  • Did any of the Guardians survive? If so, what will they do now?
  • Will Kendra's warning spark suspicion in Lee toward Kara since she's returned under questionable circumstances (at the same time as a Cylon fleet)? If so, when?

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