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Razor Telefilm Recap

Act 5:
Adama tells Lee that Baltar and Tyrol were able to pull the Raider's computer and extrapolate a possible location of their base, which is likely a baseship and where they'll find their missing scientists. He says that it's two or three jumps from where Pegasus was attacked. Roslin says that they won't risk both battlestars. Adama says that he's transferring his flag to Pegasus temporarily. Lee is surprised that Adama is going too. Adama says that Lee will still be in command. Lee thinks the mission is all over just a legend. Adama says that it's real, that he was there on that base and saw what was done to make that hybrid. He won't let it happen again. Lee says that he'll have Kendra bring up an attack plan. Roslin says brings up another concern.

Kendra gives a brief on the plan, which involves making the Cylons believe that Pegasus' FTL is down, is unable to jump and moves off at sub-light speed. The Cylons pursue and this allows her strike team to move in. Lee thinks it's a good, but risky plan. He asks who will be piloting the Raptor and Kendra says that Kara will be since she's the only pilot that Kendra trusts to pull it off. Lee then brings up Roslin's concern that Kendra was involved in the incident on the Scylla where ten civilians were executed. He wants to know if it's true.

Kendra flashes back to a woman dead by a gunshot nearly between the eyes and then looking up at Laird.

Kendra says that she was there and figures that alone is enough to indict her. Lee wants to know why she didn't tell him. Kendra says that she is Cain's legacy and that she wouldn't have blinked at her plan because victory doesn't come without risk. Kendra then offers her resignation. Lee says that would be the easy way out. Lee says that it is risky, but she's the "only game in town." He approves the plan.

Kendra walks into the kitchen. She walks over to the radio and tunes it. She picks up a stray transmission from the Adriatic to the Demetrius about waste that needs picking up. She then comes across a discussion of whether Pegasus is the answer to everyone's prayers.

Flashback #5:
(Caption: Ten Months Ago; Aftermath of Relay Station Attack )
Kendra reports to Cain that there are 816 dead and 121 injured. Thirty-two Vipers destroyed, another sixty-one badly damaged and that there aren't enough parts to repair them all. Cain says that it was a high price for an insignificant victory. Kendra differs on its significance and that they put the Cylons on notice. She says that the losses are her fault because she gave Gina her access codes. Cain and Kendra have been standing in the brig in front of Gina's cell. Cain says that Kendra gave it something far worse, which was her trust.

Lieutenant Throne walks in and Cain orders him to use any means necessary to break Gina including evoking emotions such as pain, degradation and shame. Thorne enters Gina's cell as Cain and Gina look at each other. Cain is pages to CIC and she leaves with Kendra.

In CIC, Colonel Fisk reports that they have just picked up a civilian fleet of fifteen ships. The CAP has already moved ahead to intercept. He's practically giddy with excitement. After a moment, Cain orders Kendra to contact the ships and request crew and passenger manifests, ship schematics and inventory lists. She then orders Fisk to assemble teams of engineers and soldiers to board the ships. Fisk isn't sure what she means. Cain explains that they are going to take everything that they need from the ships and that there is bound to be resistance. She again questions Fisk as to whether he has a problem with her orders and he says no.

Fisk, Kendra and Marines walk down a corridor.

Fisk requests permission to board. Laird welcomes them onboard. Fisk immediately states that Admiral Cain ordered him to give a document to Laird. Laird wants to know what it is and Fisk explains that it's a list of equipment and personnel that need to be transferred to the Pegasus immediately, including Laird. Laird notices that they want to take the FTL drives. Laird is stunned that they are deciding who is going to live and die. Kendra says that they will make accommodations, but that they are at war and military needs take priority. Laird says no. He tells the rest of the passengers that they want to take what they want to leave the rest behind. Kendra says that they have orders, and though they don't want to harm anyone, they will use force. Laird continues to refuse. Laird and the rest of the passengers start to move forward.

Cain is in the brig, looking at a bound and beaten Gina when she gets a call from Fisk. Fisk explains that the civilians are denying them access to the rest of the ship. He says that there are whole families onboard. As she looks at Gina, Cain tells Fisk to tell them that he will shoot the families of any selectee that doesn't comply. Fisk asks her to repeat the order. Cain tells her to get it done and hangs up.

Back on the Scylla, he orders the Marines to line everyone up. He repeats Cain's order concerning shooting families of selectees that refuse to comply. The civilians begin to throw items. Fisk says that they will carry out the order, pulls out his gun and raises it. A Marine asks what they are going to do. Kendra looks up.

Suddenly, there is gunfire.

Fisk calls the Pegasus. He then walks over to Kendra. He says that it's over because the whole fleet has heard so there will be no more resistance. Kendra looks over the bodies. She stands up, looks at Laird and then back at the dead woman.

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