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Act 8:
Adama pours two drinks. Lee is there. Adama says that Kara came by earlier and recommended Major Shaw for a posthumous medal. Lee says that Kendra wasn't after a medal and Adama agrees. Adama then states that he's been going through Cain's logs and that he can't find fault from a tactical standpoint with anything that Cain or Kendra did. Lee is stunned by what his father seems to be supporting. Adama says that he had Roslin looking out for the survival of the civilian fleet, had Tigh to balance his tactics and his morality and had Lee. He says that having his own son around and knowing that he would have to face him, made him rethink things that he considered doing with the fleet. Lee contemplates that for a moment and then observes that if Adama hadn't been in CIC, Kara and her whole team would be dead. Adama says that Lee did nothing wrong and neither did he. Lee wonders if Cain and Kendra were wrong. Adama says that if he believed in a higher power, that's where they would be judged. Since he doesn't believe in a higher power, then it'll be left to history to judge them. He says that history's first draft will be written in their logs. Lee puts his drink down and moves to leave. Adama tells him to think about that commendation.

Out in the corridor, Kara plays with the knife. Lee walks up and Kara comments that it wasn't a lot to show for a life. Lee asks her if she wonders why Kendra did it. Kara says maybe had a lot to answer for, or maybe she had it coming. Lee counters that, "we've all got it coming." Kara then tells him that she's been asked to be reassigned to Galactica because she has a "beef" with her commanding officer because he keeps trying to get her killed. He asks her if she ever wondered if she deserved it. She laughs and says that she has a destiny because she had her palm read by a Cylon. She says that he's stuck with her until the end. She then says that she has to break in his new CAG and leaves. Lee heads off the other way.

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