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Razor Telefilm Recap

Act 7:
Kendra's team floats in space. They are all accounted for. Kendra orders "Red Squad" to form up on her. They move toward the baseship.

In Pegasus CIC, Lee receives a transmission from Kendra, who reports that they were able to board the baseship. The chatter continues as the team moves through the ship. They report picking up on two weak signals.

Onboard the baseship, the team closes in the room. They find two men still alive, while the Cylons have carried out their experiments on the others. They get the two men out as two Centurions turn up. Weapons fire is exchanged as they attempt to escape.

They move out in the corridor where DeSilva is hit. The rest of the team continues retreating as they report that DeSilva is down. The Cylon Centurions reach DeSilva and one starts to drag him back.

Kendra sees this and raises her weapon. Starbuck knows what she is about to do, but doesn't reach her before Kendra fires, killing DeSilva. The Centurion then lets go of DeSilva's body and fires at Kendra, wounding her.

Back in Pegasus CIC, Lee is antsy. Kara calls in a report that they recovered two civilians, but there are two wounded and one dead. She requests a response. Lee and Adama look at each other.

Back on the baseship, Kendra requests a sitrep as the weapons fire continues. Kara reports that the signal is being jammed. Kendra asks about the nuke. Matthias reports that the remote detonator is "fried." Kara orders her to get it working. Kara then asks Kendra about DeSilva. Kendra says that they all saw what the Cylons were doing and she wasn't going to let that happen to DeSilva.

In Pegasus CIC, Lee orders that they continue to attempt communications with Red Team. He then orders Hoshi that a ship to ship nuclear missile be loaded. Adama wants to know what Lee is doing. Lee says that the mission has been compromises and without communications, they have to assume that team is lost. He orders the nuclear missile tube be opened.

On the baseship, Red Team continues to take weapons fire. Kara notices that Kendra is slipping away. She attempts to contact Pegasus again.

The Pegasus takes more fire.

In Pegasus CIC, Lee says that it's no longer a search and rescue mission and that he heard what the Cylons were doing to their people. Adama counters that he knows because he was there.

Hoshi reports that the nuclear missile has been loaded. Lee orders him to use his launch key and put it in the firing lock. Adama belays his order and says that he isn't ready to give up on his people.

A ship blows up near Pegasus, shaking CIC.

Just then, Hoshi reports that the jamming has cleared and that they are receiving a transmission from Red Team. Adama orders him to put it through and to launch the Evac raptor. Lee and Adama hear Kara. Kara says that they are pinned down and wants to know if the Evac raptor is on its way. Lee says that it is. He also tells her that the Cylons have broken off.

Back on the baseship, Kara tells Kendra of the situation. Matthias reports that the remote detonator is shot. Kendra tells her to ready the nuke anyway because they are completing their mission. Kara gets on the wireless and gives Lee and Adama the sitrep. She asks for orders.

In Pegasus CIC, Lee says that they still have the nuke ready. Adama counters that the Raiders are now in defense position and will take out anything that they launch. Lee realizes that they will have to leave someone behind. Adama says that it's his team, so he has to make the call. Lee picks up the phone. He tells Kara to move the team to the evac position, arm the warhead manually and complete their mission.

Kara gets Kendra up and they move down the corridor.

Red Team reaches the airlock and Kara tells everyone to get their suits on. She turns to Kendra to find Kendra has pulled her gun. Kendra orders Kara to put the nuke down and go. Kara goes into the airlock and Kendra closes the door.

Kendra drags the nuke down the hallway. She reaches the end of a corridor and suddenly the memory of the woman on the Scylla starts overwhelming her. She reaches a doorway and hears, "All this has happened before and all this will happen again."

She looks over to see the hybrid. He tells her to come in and that he knows all about her. She drops her gun and steps in. She realizes who he is. He says that he may be a man or a machine, while his children believe that he's a god. Kendra walks over near to his vat. She wonders if he is. He says that he's seen everything that she's done and asks if she wishes to be forgiven.

Flashback #7:
Fisk says that they will carry out the order, pulls out his gun and raises it. A Marine asks what they are going to do. Fisk looks around .Kendra looks up. After a second, she pulls a gun, walks up to the woman and shoots her. There is a commotion and then silence. Kendra looks at her gun, down at the woman and then at Laird.
End of Flashback #7

The hybrid again asks if Kendra wants to be forgiven. Kendra says she does and he wants her to come closer because he has something to tell her. Kendra makes her way over to ride beside the tub. The hybrid grabs her arm.

The hybrid tells her, "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death. They must not follow her." He then lets go of Kendra's arm. She steps back.

The Evac raptor pilot reports to Pegasus that its inbound.

In Pegasus CIC, Hoshi relays the message to Lee. He adds that they have Starbuck onboard and that Kendra stayed behind. Just then, Kendra radios in. She starts to warn them about Kara, but is jammed after mentioning her name.

On the baseship, Kendra gives up on the wireless. She begins to arm the nuke. The hybrid says, "As my own existence comes to a close, only to begin anew in ways uncertain."

Kendra observes that he's scared and that he should be. Kendra arms the trigger and the hybrid utters, "all this has happened before and will happen again, again, again." Kendra pulls the trigger.

The baseship explodes.

Kara watches the explosion from the Evac raptor.

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