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  • The number of survivors listed puts it at five less than listed at the start of "Captain's Hand" (episode 217) and the same number as listed for "Downloaded" (episode 218) and "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1" (Episode 219).
  • Gina's last name was old Gemennese for "resurrection," which heavily foreshadowed her true identity.
  • Cain shot her XO (Belzen) because he recognized that the attack on the Comm Relay was a trap. Cain, in her need for revenge, and refusal to run, coldly shot him and then led her crew into a heavily mismatched battle.
  • This moment could have also signaled that Gina had fully supplanted Cain's XO as her confidant even on military materials. After all, it was Gina that commented that "the best defense is a good offense." Belzen was contradicting that by advocating a purely defensive tactic in retreating. Had Gina and Cain not been involved, it is possible that Cain would have heeded Belzen's words of caution.
  • By trusting Gina, Kendra gave her pass codes that not even Cain gave Gina. As a result, the Cylons were able to shut down the Pegasus ' defenses and board the ship.
  • Gina's involvement with Cain enabled her to help the Cylons spring a trap at the Comm Relay for the Pegasus .
  • If another Number Six hadn't boarded the ship, Gina's deception likely would have continued to go unnoticed. Such an action seems to be a HUGE tactical mistake on the Cylons' part or at least a sign of overwhelming confidence in their trap..
  • Gina hesitated to kill Cain when she was discovered, so even if she had just been "playing" Cain for intelligence, she seemed to have some feeling for Cain.
  • When Kendra revealed Gina to be a Cylon, she became Cain's confidant. However, the relationship appeared to be maternal. Even though Fisk was her XO, nothing seemed to truly function without Kendra's involvement.
  • Because of Gina's intimate relationship with Cain, it is finally explained why Cain chose to not only allow but encourage Thorne to brutalize Gina the way that he did.
  • Cain's decision to attack the Comm Relay resulted in a greater loss of personnel and equipment than the original Cylon attacks at the shipyard (see backstory for details)
  • Cain's intimate relationship had to have been a well-guarded secret because the crew would not have otherwise revered her since Gina's betrayal (and true identity) was widely known. One assumes that with Kendra's death, there is no one left alive to know of the relationship and history would likely lay the blame squarely at Kendra's feet.
  • Cain tried to compensate for her tactical mistake and her blind revenge by ordering Fisk and Kendra to strip the civilian fleet in order to replace the personnel and equipment lost in the original Cylon attack and costly attack on the Comm Relay.
  • Cain and Kendra clearly embraced the philosophy of total war in that there are no non-combatants (or rules of engagement for that matter).
  • The Pegasus' full crew compliment is approximately 2,800 based on 723 casualties being more than a quarter of the crew.
  • Kendra's sudden appearance was explained by the fact that she had not gotten along with Fisk and Garner and had been busted back to at least Lieutenant and assigned to kitchen duty. Lee picked her because she was a tie to Cain's legacy, but at the same time, she was the last living member of Cain's command staff whose "inside" knowledge would be beneficial to an outsider like Lee.
  • Kara didn't like Kendra and considered her a loose cannon. Though her actions and even addictive escape (drugs as opposed to alcohol), Kendra was not a loose cannon, but rather just brutal. Just Kara is really just fearless and only takes risks on herself.
  • There were a few bits to be picked up from the wireless transmissions:
    • A discussion that makes it clear that Pegasus' arrival in the fleet was no longer considered by some as an "answer to prayers."
    • Roslin's miraculous recovery from cancer was still a source of speculation
    • The waste recycling ship Demetrius is referred to. It was also mentioned during the Presidential vote count. Demetrius is slated to appear in the 4 th season as part of a storyline.
    • The news report that Roslin's ban on abortion had sparked protest is a nod to events take place at the same time as "Downloaded" (Episode 217).
  • Kendra's off-screen exploits are easily closed off by having her sacrifice herself.
  • Although Kendra's death could be considered not unlike Garner's since she sacrificed herself (rather than letting someone else do it) in a effort to make up for (or pay for) past mistakes.
  • The Guardians looked to be trying to create another hybrid. This raises the possibility that the hybrid was dying already, which would explain his resignation to his death at Kendra's hand.
  • The hybrid, which appeared to have extensive knowledge of past events, prophesized that "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death. They must not follow her." He also echoed the colonial religious cycle that it "has all happened before and will happen again." The question is what that means. There isn't much of the human race left, especially since the Cylons have already been trying to wipe it out. The first line can be interpreted that the human race as it is known is ending, but as already seen by Hera and Nicolas, Cylons and humans can breed so that can be considered a new race. The second line could actually be what happens to the Cylons and the older humans, who must die for the new race to take hold. One assumes that the last line refers to the human race again, but it is ambiguous enough that the writers could plug in any faction for "they."
  • Kendra managed to get part of her warning to Lee (and possibly Adama) and it has to play a role in season 4 in addition to the prophesy concerning Kara.

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