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Razor Telefilm Recap

Act 2:
Major Kendra Shaw oversees weapons training. She walks up to a young Marine and asks him if his weapon is ready to fire. He says he is. She holds the gun up to herself and tells him to fire. He doesn't, so she puts his finger on the trigger and pulls it. Nothing happens. She then grabs something off the table and shows it to him. She orders him to do it again.

Lee and Adama have been observing her. Adama comments that he didn't think it was possible to find an XO meaner than Tigh. Lee agrees that she's tough, but he thinks that it was needed. Adama wants to know if her appointment caused any problems. Lee says that she and Kara don't get along.

As they begin to walk off down the corridor, Adama comments that he'd "like to sell tickets to that dance." He then says that an XO is not a blunt instrument and that they have to work together and trust each other. Lee says that they trust each other to do their jobs. Adama says that "it's a start."

Adama stops and turns to Lee. He says now that his "house is in order," he needs Lee to go after a science team off in a Raptor studying a supernova remnant is overdue. Lee wants to know what he should do if the Cylons show up. Adama says that it's a search and rescue mission and not to get into a battle, but it's his ship and to use his judgment.

(Caption: Missing Raptor; Search & Rescue Mission )
Kara and Showboat are out front of the Pegasus flying their vipers.

Kara is bored and starts talking on the wireless.

Back in Pegasus CIC, Kendra scrapes blood off a console with her knife as Showboat suggests a song.

Flashback #2:
(Caption: Ten Months Ago )
The same blood is being scraped off the console as Cain hangs up the phone.

Nearby, Kendra is working with technicians to repair the navigation computer.

Belzen walks over to Cain, who tells him that sickbay lost two more. Belzen reports that brings the casualty total to 723, which is more than a quarter of the crew. Belzen further reports that twelve Vipers and two Raptors were destroyed and another seventeen ships are too badly damaged to be repaired. Cain asks him, "what else?" He says that there are rumors circulating throughout the ship thanks to comm traffic before it was cut off. He says that they are four or five jumps from the colonies. Cain orders him to send two Raptors back for intelligence. He walks off.

Kendra can be heard saying that they are ready to bring the navigation system back online. Cain takes notice and walks off.

Kendra reports that the helm, weapons and FTL computers are back online. Kendra also has found that some code that was about to be uploaded would have created a backdoor in the systems that would allow access to the network via the wireless. Cain realizes that it could harm the entire network. Kendra says that it didn't get in because their network was already down. She recommends that the network stays down even after the program is purged. Cain agrees to it, makes a comment about her not being completely worthless and then asks her how long she's been on duty. Kendra says she's never left. Cain tells her to get some rest since the attack was two days ago. Cain starts to walk off, but Kendra stops her and apologizes for how she behaved when the nukes hit. She says that she was scared and froze. Cain figures that she's not scared anymore. Cain tells her to hold onto her anger, so that it'll tell her what to do the next time. Cain then moves off.

Cain walks down the corridors. She talks to a crewman. She oversees a briefing with Belzen, Fisk and Shaw. She visits the temporary morgue and closes a fallen crewman's eyes as she begins to cry.

In CIC, Cain speaks to the crew concerning the rumors. She announces that the colonies have been destroyed, cities have been nukes and the fleet is gone.

As she talks, recon pictures are posted in a corridor.

In CIC, Cain continues and says that instead of running and hiding, their imperative is war and that as long as Pegasus is around, the Cylons will know that the war is not over.

A spontaneous chant of "so say we all" builds and carries throughout the ship all the way to CIC. Gina can be seen voicing the sentiment as well.

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