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Razor Telefilm Recap

Act 3:
In Cain's quarters, a table has been set. Fisk and Belzen look over a recon photo of a comm relay. Kendra tells them that it's being guarded by a half dozen Raiders. Belzen is surprised by the lack of protection. Cain says that they aren't expecting to be attacked. Cain says that it'll be their first target and gives credit to Kendra for finding it. Kendra says she had help, Gina walks in at that moment and Kendra indicates that it was her. Gina walks over and kisses Cain. Cain introduces Gina to Fisk and Belzen. She explains that Gina and Kendra have been working to upgrade their systems and had been overseeing the retrofit back at the shipyards.

Cain then asks everyone to sit down. Cain explains that she feels that her officers should get together and talk in a more casual atmosphere. Fisk makes a comment about actually getting to sit down in her quarters. Cain then says that her speech to the crew was for morale, but that she has no intention of recklessly risking men or resources in a quest for revenge. She wants to fight a guerilla war. Gina adds, "the best defense is a good offense." Fisk toasts a "good offense," which everyone else seconds.

Gina and Kendra work on the system upgrades. Gina comments that she doesn't think that they can get all the systems going by the next day unless they split up, but only Kendra has the access codes. Kendra says that they can ask "the Admiral" about upping Gina's clearance. Gina catches the undertone and says that she thought they were being so discreet. "Guess that's hard when you truly care for someone." She then says the program's uploaded and prompts Kendra to punch in her codes.

After a pause, Kendra tells her, "Alpha-one-niner-six-Gamma-one." Gina looks at her and smiles. She walks over and punches in the codes. As she does so, she says that she and Cain met when she presented her plans for the retrofit and that they spent a lot of time together working out the details. Gina wonders why Kendra seems so surprised. Kendra comments that she thought Cain was self-sufficient. Gina says that Cain has needs of her own and that no one can survive entirely on their own. Gina observes that "in the end, all of us are just human."
End of Flashback #2

(Caption: Missing Raptor; Search & Rescue Mission )
In Pegasus CIC, Kendra and Lee listen on the wireless as Showboat suggests her song and Kara banters back. Kendra comments that Kara never seems to shut up and that such an example breeds carelessness and sloppiness for the rest of the pilots. Lee counters that as long as she sets a good example with her flying, they'll be okay. Just then Hoshi reports draedis contact.

Starbuck reports contacts. She asks Lee where they came from. Lee orders her and Showboat back to the ship. Lee then orders them to launch covering fire and to prepare to jump as soon as the Vipers are back onboard.

Kendra says that they should launch fighters. Lee counters that they will go after their missing Raptor, but otherwise they will jump away and not engage.

Starbuck says that the Cylons won't "leave," and also says that there's something about the ships.

Back in CIC, Hoshi tells Lee that there is a problem with the FTL computers. Lee says that they need to calculate the coordinates.

Starbuck says that the Cylons are in close pursuit.

While lee is occupied with Hoshi on getting the FTL up and running, Kendra orders a firing solution which puts the Vipers at risk. She has to reiterate her order before it's carried out.

Starbuck and Showboat start taking the fire as well. Starbuck tells Showboat to shoot her way through the fire.

They reach the launch bay with a Raider still pursuing. Kara reverses course in the bay and fires on the Raider, causing it to crash. It breaks apart and part of it ends up on top of Kara's Viper.

Kara tells Lee that Kendra was trying to get them killed. Lee counters that Kendra has the authority to do whatever she feels is necessary to protect the Pegasus. Kara says that she's a loose cannon. Lee says that Kendra is the XO and that order probably saved her.

Kara walks over to Kendra and wants to know what she was doing. Kendra says that she shouldn't question her tactical orders and that questioning orders on the Pegasus is a bad idea.

Flashback #3:
(Caption: Ten Months Ago; Attack on Relay Station )
Kendra reports that they are reading twelve Raiders. Cain comments that's stronger resistance than they expected, but that one squadron should be able to handle it. Belzen orders Blue Squadron to launch.

Blue Squadrons launches.

Kendra reports new contacts. It ends up being fifteen full squadrons. Fisk figures that they jumped in right after Pegasus. Cain decides that they've found a staging ground, not a relay. Belzen asks to recall the Vipers. Fisk reports two minutes to contact. Belzen says that they need to recall the fighters, jump away and regroup. Cain disagrees and wants to launch the reserves to provide covering fire for Blue Squadron. Belzen argues that they'll be outnumbered four to one. Kendra reports that a single squadron is inbound to Pegasus. Cain orders the weapons grid be brought online. Kendra reports that weapons are down and that the network has locked them out. Cain orders manual control on the weapons. Belzen says that it's a trap and that they are outnumbered and outgunned. Cain counters that is why they need to launch everything that they have.

Belzen walks over to Cain and, speaking quietly, says that this is exactly the kind of situation that she said she would avoid. Cain asks him if he refusing to follow her orders. He steps back and says that he cannot in good conscious follow her order. She orders him to give her his firearm. She takes it and shoots him in the head. She calls Colonel Fisk over. She tells him that he's now her XO and asks him if he'll follow her orders. He picks up the phone and orders the reserves to launch.

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