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Razor Telefilm Recap

Act 6:
Kendra and the boarding party walk away from the Scylla's cargo hold.
End of Flashback #5

Kendra gives up on the radio and turns it off. She reaches for the can, takes the syringe out and puts it to her neck.

Just then, Kara slams a bottle down.

Kendra quickly pulls the syringe down.

Kara comments that "the XO is human after all" and walks over and says that she used to surf the wireless bands in an effort to not feel like they are alone out there. She then asks Kendra if she has any more of "that." Kendra plays coy and Kara wants what she was sticking in her neck. Kendra tosses it over. They come to an agreement that Kara won't talk about Kendra's drug habit and Kendra won't turn Kara in for pilfering alcohol from the ship's stores. Kara then walks out. Kendra puts up the syringe and turns the wireless back on. A comment about Roslin's miraculous recovery from cancer can be heard.

Flashback #6:
Cain is surprised at the lack of reaction from Kendra concerning her promotion. Kendra says that she's not sure what she did to deserve it. Cain tells her not to look back and that there are times that everyone does things that they never thought they would. Cain says that yesterday, Kendra showed her that she could set aside her emotions and do what was necessary, no matter how repulsive. Cain takes out her knife and gives her "razor" speech. She says that until the war is over, they all have to be razors and don't have the luxury of being ordinary humans. Cain again congratulates Kendra on her promotion to Captain.
End of Flashback #6

Kendra continues tuning the wireless where a report about Roslin's recent ban on abortion has sparked protests.

(Caption: Present Day; Search & Rescue Mission )
The Pegasus is engaging a baseship. The Pegasus takes some damage and Lee decides to kick up Kendra's plan. He orders that the FTL be taken offline and to move off. The Cylons follow.

Kendra and Starbuck jump in. Kendra is happy about how easy it was. Just then, two Raiders turn up. Kara puts the Raptor into a spin. The force ejects.

The Cylon Raider takes out the Raptor.

Onboard the Raptor, a gold Cylon Centurion is seen as well as a "by your command" is uttered in a homage to the old series as they return to pursuing the Pegasus.

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