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Act 4:
Kendra watches as Belzen's body is wheeled out of CIC. Kendra then reports that several airlocks have been opened and that they are being boarded by the Cylons. She orders Fisk to send in the First Response teams. Cain orders Kendra to secondary damage control.

In the launch bay, Cylons are landing and boarding.

Kendra walks down a hallway. She checks on a Marine and is surprised by Gina. Gina tells her that the Cylons are coming this way and are killing everyone. Kendra tells her to go to CIC. Gina runs off.

Kendra looks around the corner to see a Cylon Centurion. She ducks back until the Centurion moves off. She looks back again to see a Six model walk in. Kendra is stunned and ducks back again. After a moment, she gets up and shoots the Six. She runs up to check on the dead Six. She then looks up and notices the camera. She runs off.

Kendra runs into CIC and immediately orders Gina to move away from Cain. Gina questions her. Kendra reiterates the order and tells two Marines to take her into custody. Cain belays her order and says that Gina was helping them get their weapons back online. Kendra says that Gina is a spy and that they look like us. Cain doesn't buy it at all. Kendra asks Hoshi to show the camera feed from Airlock 4. Gina starts to call her crazy as the footage of the dead Six is shown. Cain is stunned and immediately orders "that thing" off her bridge. A Marine closes in, but an explosion shakes the ship. Gina takes advantage, breaks the Marine's neck and shoots the second Marine with the weapon. She then points it at Cain. She hesitates, which gives Kendra enough time to pick up a rifle and knock her out.
End of Flashback #3

Lee tells Kara and Kendra to act like officers since everyone on the flight deck is watching.

Just then, the old-style Cylon Raider is brought down to the flight deck.

President Roslin, Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh join Lee and Kara in looking at the ship. Roslin wants to know why the Cylons would resurrect an inferior model. Athena says that the Cylons might not have resurrected it. Athena explains that there are references in the Cylon databases to Guardians, who are older model Centurions that escaped being scrapped. She says that it's said that they guard a hybrid, which was a step to the humanoid models. She says that it might still be alive. Other hybrids were created to run their baseships. Adama says that he was on the last mission of the first Cylon War.

Flashback #4:
(Caption: First Cylon War; Forty-One Years Ago)
Husker walks into a corridor with his pistol drawn. He makes his way to a door. After listening for a moment, Husker pushes the door open. After another pause, he enters with his gun high.

Husker strides into the room and looks around.Human remains and skeletons lay on tables around the room. Husker with a look of disgust on his face walks over to a tank. In the tank are what looks to be human remains connected to tubes and wires. Husker looks around and spots a vat.

Husker slowly walks over to the vat. Husker sets his gun down on the edge of the vat. Husker takes one more look around the room. Husker puts his hand into the liquid filling the vat. As soon as Husker puts his hand in, he starts hearing voices that appear to be coming from all around him. They are sounds of agony. Husker looks around almost in an effort to place where the voices are coming from, but also connecting the agony to the fate of the human remains surrounding him. A hand comes out of the vat and grabs Husker's arm. Husker struggles to free his arm from the hand's grip. Suddenly there is a flash and the hand is gone. Without the pull of the hand on his arm, Husker falls back from the vat. Husker sits on the floor, breathing hard. Husker hears "All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again." Husker slowly stands up and retrieves the rifle.

Husker hears thumping and moves toward it. Husker reaches a door as it gets quiet. He looks inside and asks, "is someone in there?"

Suddenly, a man puts his hands on the door. He says, "Help up. They left us here. Don't leave us here. Please."

Husker says, "I'm going to get you out of here." He looks around, finds a pipe and moves to pry open the door."

As Husker strugglers with the door, the man says, "We're civilians. They jumped our convoy. They destroyed our escort. They took us all prisoner. There were fifty of us, but they took us away one-by-one. We could hear the others screaming. We don't know what was happening to them. Please, you've got to get us out of here."

Husker says, "I'm trying, but the door must be welded shut."

Suddenly, a loud rumbling can be heard. The man asks, "What is it? What is happening?"

Husker answers, "I don't know. It feels like a quake. The place is starting to come apart."

A baseship can be seen beginning to leave the planet's surface.

Husker strains and manages to open the door a couple of inches. The man peeks through the gap in the door. Husker keeps pushing, but then says, "It's still stuck. I can't open it any wider.

The man can be seen trying to put his hand out. A woman is also seen peeking out the lower half of the door. The man tells Husker, "You gotta go. You gotta go. You gotta go get help."

Husker says, "I'll stay here with you."

The man counters, "No. You can't do it by yourself. Just go. Tell them what happened to us. Our ship was the Diana.from Gemennon. Just tell them, alright. If you stay here, you'll be trapped like us. Go."

Husker reluctantly turns away from the door and walks a few steps. Husker turns and looks back to see the woman reaching out through the gap. The man again says, "Go. Go. Save yourself. Just go." Husker turns and runs back out the doorway where he first came in.

Husker runs outside into the snow. He stops and leans up against a building. He looks up to see the baseship leaving the atmosphere. Husker pulls out his radio. "Galactica. This is Husker. Do you copy?"

"Husker, roger that. Report status."

"I crashed on the surface. They were making something down here. Experimenting on people to do it and now they are getting away with whatever they built."

"Husker, the war is over."

"What?!? Galactica, repeat."

"The war is over. An armistice was just signed. Activate your beacon. We'll send you the starbird.Husker, respond."

Husker drops his hand down and looks up.
End of Flashback #4

Admiral Adama says that the Cylons escaped with whatever they had made right before the armistice. Roslin wonders if the hybrid is still alive. Adama says that he doesn't want to think about it.

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