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"What Kate Did" (#209):

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Kate walks into a diner with a pack. Her mother Diane, who is working as a waitress, asks her if she wants coffee or pie. Kate says she'd like a beer. Her mother wants to see some I.D. Kate says she's twenty-four. Diane says that since Kate insists on riding her "deathtrap" without a helmet, she isn't going to help the cause by getting Kate drunk. Kate's mother pours her some coffee. Kate asks her how her wrist. Her mother starts telling her that she banged it on a shelf in the kitchen, but Kate clearly doesn't believe her. Her mother says she "made her bed." Kate responds that her "bed is gone." Kate takes out an insurance policy and gives it to her mother. Diane asks if Wayne knows about it. Kate tells her to remember that Diane was here and that she never saw Kate. Diane wants to know what she did. She says she took care of her, that she has to go and she won't see Kate for a while. Kate gives her mother a hug and then leaves. Diane calls after her, wanting to know what Kate did.

Kate walks into the Hatch with the fruit. As she starts to set the fruit out, Jack asks if she's okay and she thinks she's just tired. She asks how Sawyer is. Jack says that he still has a high fever, that he can't tell if the antibiotics are having any effect and that "it will help to get some food into him." He tells her that she should go down to the beach for [the funeral for] Shannon . Kate says that she'll stay, because Jack should be there. Jack thinks for a moment and then tells her to keep Sawyer hydrated and to mash up the fruit to see if she can get him to eat it. He gets up and heads to the entranceway to the bedroom. Jack then tells her that everyone will be at the beach and to not forget to push the button. He tells her that he'll be back in a couple of hours. Kate sits down next to Sawyer. Jack asks her again if she's okay. She says she's "great" and he leaves.

Ana Lucia is driving a stake into the ground with a rock when Eko walks up. He tells her that he's going to the funeral. Ana Lucia says that she's probably not going to make it and then goes back to pounding with the rock. He tells her that most of them know it was an accident. Ana Lucia doesn't say anything.

The survivors gather on the beach. Jack and Charlie can be seen walking up with the last stragglers. Charlie is brushing himself off as he joins the gathering.

Sayid walks over to the open grave. Shannon 's body can be seen wrapped in a blanket. He says that the two of them were strangers and wouldn't have met or even spoken if not for the . [he can't say 'plane crash']. But that they did meet and speak. He then says that he loved her. He starts to cry, looks at Jack and walks off. Jack walks up, grabs a handful of dirt, drops it over Shannon 's body and says "may she rest in peace." Locke goes next followed by Sun and then Claire.

Kate puts Patsy Cline on the record player.

Kate sits next to Sawyer and mashes up the fruit. She talks to Sawyer. She tells him that she saw a horse, which happens when you don't sleep. Sawyer starts muttering and Kate moves closer. He suddenly grabs her by the throat and starts choking her. He says, "you killed me. Why did you kill me?"

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