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"What Kate Did" (#209):

Episode Analysis:
  • Sawyer tells Jack that he "loves her." Jack and the audience are led to assume that Sawyer is talking about Kate. However, almost nothing is what it seems on Lost, so in his feverish state he could be referring to someone else.
  • With Kate and Sawyer's sightings of the black horse, explanations of the polar bear may need to be reconsidered. The polar bears were believed to be tied to Walt being special, but how would Walt know about the significance of the black horse to Kate's past?
  • Michael notices blast doors in the Hatch, which had not been mentioned by either Desmond or the Orientation film.
  • There are two possible reasons for the blast doors:
    • Added protection to keep whatever was quarantined out of the Hatch
    • A second protection for the "outside world" if the concrete shielding deep in the Hatch ever failed.
  • There are other possible explanations for the black horse:
    • Kate has special abilities of her own.
    • The Island itself somehow is attuned to intense memories under extraordinary conditions (Kate's lack of sleep) and can bring them to life. The Original Star Trek episode "Shore Leave" used a similar storyline.
    • Someone (the whisperers?) has detailed knowledge of the survivors' past, although it's unlikely that Kate has told anyone of how the horse led to her escape from the Marshal.
  • When he walks up to join the funeral, Charlie is vigorously brushing himself off.
  • Sayid clearly doesn't remember his brief encounter with Shannon in the Sydney airport where he asked her to watch his bag.
  • Kate tells Charlie about the horses. Charlie then tells Jack.
  • Sayid tells Kate about having seen Walt.
  • Eko tells Locke the story of Josiah, King of Judah: At the time of Josiah's rule, the Temple was in ruin so the people worshipped idols. Josiah decided that he needed to rebuild the Temple . He sent his secretary to the treasury. The secretary's instructions were to give all the gold to the workers so that they would rebuild the Temple . However, the secretary returned with no gold. Josiah wanted to know why. The secretary answered that they found a ancient book, the Book of the Law. Josiah ended up rebuilding the Temple with the ancient book, rather than gold.
  • Here is the story of Josiah according to 2 Kings 22 & 23
  • Here is the story of Josiah according to 2 Chronicles 34 & 35
  • The Bible that was found by the tailies in the abandoned "Arrow" Dharma bunker had a portion of the Orientation film hidden in it.
  • Hurley's spiel about transference is interesting since Sawyer is in the middle "of it" in spite of being feverish:
    • His mutterings about loving "her" catches Jack off-guard
    • He seems to channel Wayne when he chokes Kate and asks her why she killed him. Kate sure seems to believe Wayne 's ghost paid her a visit.
    • Later, Sawyer doesn't respond when she calls him by name, but starts to come around when she calls him Wayne.
  • As Hurley points out, Jack decides to chop wood, which has been Sawyer's means of anger therapy on the Island .
  • The new footage of the Orientation film:
    • The computer is not to be used for anything other than entering the code.
    • Entering the code is its only function.
    • The isolation of duty at Station 3 may tempt one into trying to use the computer to communicate with the outside world.
    • Such attempted communication is strictly forbidden.
    • Such attempted communication would "compromise the integrity of the project" or even lead to another incident.
  • The computer apparently can receive and send communications to somewhere else.
  • Kate's flashbacks give a great deal of insight into why Kate is so conflicted over her feelings for Jack and Sawyer:
    • Jack surely reminds her of Sam, who she grew up believing was her father. However, when she learns the truth about Wayne , she is let down that Sam never told her the truth. This would explain why she just can't seem to completely let her guard down for Jack.
    • Like a lot of women, she's drawn to that "bad boy" personality of Sawyer, but for the same reason Sawyer reminds her of Wayne .
  • Kate turned on the gas in order to stage an "accidental" death for her father, Wayne in an effort to kill him and set up her mother with the resulting life insurance money.
  • Kate was twenty-four when she first became a fugitive.
  • Prior to killing Wayne , Kate had been a straight 'A' student and only had a couple of speeding tickets on her record.
  • Kate had taken out a life insurance policy on Wayne in her mother's name in an attempt to provide for her mother.
  • Wayne was physically abusive to Diane.
  • Kate grew up believing that her ex-stepfather, Sam, was her real father.
  • Sam left when Kate was five. He wanted to take Kate, but Diane wouldn't let him.
  • Some time shortly before she killed Wayne , Kate found out that Sam was on duty in Korea up until four months before her birth. She then realized that Wayne was her real father.
  • Marshal Mars is now a disappointing character. Instead of being further developed and showing a different side of him before his first run-in with Kate, he is instead the same hard-nosed jerk.
  • Sam says he didn't tell Kate about the truth about Wayne , because he knew she would kill Wayne.
  • Kate have several reasons/excuses to kill Wayne:
    • He drove Sam ("dad") away when she was five.
    • The way he looked at Kate
    • He physically abused Diane
  • But the reason Kate says she did it was because she hated that part of her was Wayne, which she felt corrupted her and kept her from ever being "good."
  • "What Kate Did" is inconsistent with what she says in "Born to Run." In that episode, she claims that there is nothing she can do to convince the law that she didn't do what she's accused of. However, as portrayed in this episode, she committed premeditated murder. The only way what she said in "Born to Run" still is consistent is that it concerns only Tom's death rather than her original crime. She has probably been charged with manslaughter and perhaps kidnapping concerning Tom.

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