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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209):

Act 2:
The record player spins the completed record. The Hatch alarm goes off.

Jack and Locke walk in the Hatch door.

Jack looks for Kate.

Locke runs to the dome. The counter is down to 23 seconds.

Jack finds Sawyer on the floor and checks on him.

Locke barely types the numbers in before the counter reaches zero.

Jack lifts Sawyer back into bed. Locke asks what happened. Jack says he doesn't know. Locke asks where Kate is.

Kate walks in the woods and Charlie walks up. He asks her about missing the funeral. She says she had to stay with Sawyer. He then points out that a few of the new people came except Ana Lucia. He says that they seem to have gone "bloody Lord of the Flies out there." Kate isn't listening. Charlie points this out. She asks him if he thinks there are horses on the Island . She tells him that she thinks she saw a horse. He says that he's seen polar bears and heard monsters, but no horses. She walks away from Charlie who just stands there calling after her.

Flashback #3:
Kate is in a Blue Bus Coach Lines terminal. She counts out some money and asks for a one way ticket to Tallahassee . A man behind her starts talking. He says that he "spent a week in Tallahassee one night. It was all strip malls and waffle houses." He asks what she's going to do in Tallahassee . She answers that she'll find something. He guesses that she has family there. She turns and says that she's just visiting. The man is Marshal Mars. He then asks if he knows her. She looks around and notices a man on the phone and another sitting nearby reading the paper. She then tells Mars that she doesn't think so as she gathers her stuff up. She tries to move off, but he stops her and tells not to run. She tries to get away, but he gains control as the other two agents move in to help. Mars tells her that she's under arrest for murder and cuffs her. She says that she didn't do anything. He says that her mother gave her up.

Charlie sits by the fire playing his guitar. Jack walks up and asks him if he's seen Kate. Charlie says that he saw her a little while ago and asked him about horses. He says that she's on the path up to the caves. Charlie asks if everything is okay and Jack answers that everything is fine.

In the Hatch, Locke cuts the cuff off of Jin's wrist. Jin tells him thank you. Jin shows it to Michael. Michael asks Locke about the blast doors that can come down from the ceiling like say in the case of an explosion. Locke hadn't noticed them. Michael wants to know if Desmond said anything. Locke says that he didn't say anything, but he did leave a film. Michael says he wants to see and Eko, who has made his way into the Hatch, says he would like to see it too. Locke has no problem with him watching it.

Kate sits in the jungle. Jack walks up and wants to know what is going on, what happened in the Hatch, why she left and why Sawyer was laying on the ground. She asks if Sawyer is okay. Jack says he is. She apologizes. He questions whether she really is sorry. She goes off on him about not as perfect or as good as him. He asks what is going on with her. Kate starts to walk off, but he grabs her arm. She tries to pull away, but he holds her. She starts to cry and says that the Island is getting to her. He tries to calm her down and she does so. They share a long kiss. She then backs away, has a confused look on her face and walks off. Jack just stands there.

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