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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209):

Dawn is breaking on the beach. Jin walks out of a tent. Sun walks out behind him and puts her arms around him. Hurley comes out of his tent and they both notice him. Sun looks the other way and Hurley gives Jin a thumbs-up. Sun sees Sayid digging a grave further up the beach.

Jack tells Sawyer that he's sorry that it hurts as he treats Sawyer's wound. He says that Michael told him that he took the bullet out with his bare hands. He wants Sawyer to show him how to do that. Sawyer asks "where is she." Jack says that Kate has been watching him for twenty-four hours straight. He convinced her to go something to eat for Sawyer. Sawyer says, "I love her." Jack is speechless. Sawyer says it again and Jack sits down.

Kate is high in a tree picking fruit. She starts to descend and drops three pieces of fruit.

Back on the ground, Kate picks up the three pieces of fruit. She hears something behind her and turns to find a black horse.

Flashback #1:
Kate sits on the steps outside a house playing with a lighter when a pickup truck drives up. A man climbs out and asks what she's doing there. He's drunk and seems to make a pass at her. She says she'll help him into bed. Inside, he notices a smell and wants to know what it is. She answers that it's probably just his breath. She gets him to the bed and he tells her that she's beautiful as she takes off his shoes. She doesn't acknowledge the compliment and then he asks if she's going to take his pants off too. She ignores that comment as well. He grabs her and tells her that she is beautiful. She pulls her arm from his grasp, tells him good night and leaves.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Kate walks outside, puts on her jacket, climbs on her motorcycle and rides off. Then the house explodes.

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