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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209):

Act 5:
Eko and Locke are in the hatch dome. Locke is splicing frames that Eko found into the Orientation film. Locke talks about the extraordinary odds of the film being made by someone, being cut apart by someone else, the plane crash survivors ending up on two different parts of the Island and thus bringing the two pieces of the film back together. Eko tells him not to mistake coincidence for fate.

Elsewhere in the Hatch, Kate helps Sawyer walk from the sleeping area through the kitchen area toward the Hatch door. He is convinced that they have been rescued. She takes him outside and he sees the familiar surroundings of the Island landscape. They sit outside near the Hatch entrance. He says that he really hoped that she was "yanking his chain." Kate says that he needs a haircut. He suddenly gets a look on his face. Kate turns to see a black horse. They stand up. She asks him if he sees it and he says he does. She walks over to the horse, which nuzzles her for a moment before walking off. Sawyer asks her if she knows the horse and she says she does.

Ana Lucia sits alone in a rocky area of the beach carving a short stick to a point. Jack walks up and offers her some tequila. She asks him if he really wants to waste the drink on her. He says that he figures that she could use a drink. She asks if he's going to try and convince her that not everyone "here" hates her. He answer he will only if she tries to convince him that "every woman in the world is not crazy."

In the Hatch, Michael is in the dome looking at the back of the computer. Eko and Locke are in the living area watching the film with the new footage. Candle says that they cannot use the computer for anything else other than entering the code. Entering the code is its only function. He says that the isolation of duty at Station 3 may tempt one into trying to use the computer to communicate with the outside world. He says such attempted communication is strictly forbidden. Such attempts would "compromise the integrity of the project" or even lead to another incident. The film continues with the previously seen footage. The film ends. Eko and Locke look at each other.

Michael is still fiddling with the back of the computer in the dome and hears a beep. He checks the counter, but it's at 51 minutes. He turns back to what he was doing, but then hears another beep. He walks around trying to find the source of the sound and hears it again. He looks at the computer and sees "Hello?" displayed. He sits down and types in "Hello?" The answer comes back with "Who is this?" Michael types in, "This is Michael. Who is this?" The answer is, "Dad?"

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