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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209):

Act 3:
On the Orientation film, Dr. Candle explains that the code must be entered every 108 minutes. Locke stands nearby watching for Eko and Michael's reaction. The film reaches the point where it skips and then finishes up. Locke comes over and turns off the projector. Michael asks if that they've been pushing the button. Locke explains that he set up two-person six hour shifts with all the survivors on the roster. Michael asks if they've been pushing the button just because of the film. Locke feels that the film is self-explanatory. Michael says that all he heard was something about electromagnets and an incident. He wants to know about the missing pieces. Locke says that he thinks that the splices or just a few missing frames here and there and doesn't feel it's important. Locke then asks Eko what he thinks about the film. Eko doesn't answer, but gets up and walks out.

Kate sits next to Shannon 's grave. Sayid walks up and hangs a necklace on the cross. Kate apologizes for not being at the funeral because she was with Sawyer. Sayid asks why she's not with Sawyer now. She answers because she's going crazy. She asks him if he believes in ghosts. He says that he saw Walt in the jungle just before Shannon was shot, so does that make him crazy. He then gets up and walks off.

Flashback #4:
Marshal Mars is driving Kate back to be arraigned. Kate is cuffed and sitting in the passenger seat. It's a rainy night. Mars wants to know why she killed Wayne now. He says that the staged gas leak was amateur. Kate comments that he seems to have it all figured out. He replies that he has "her" figured out. She retorts that he doesn't know anything about her. He guesses that her "white trash" mother divorced her dad, hooked up with a drunk. She ended up marrying him and Kate had to deal with him sleeping in her dad's old bed and beating her mother up. He says that he believes that would be enough to make someone want to kill someone else. He just wonders what made her do it now. Mars asks if Wayne ever went after Kate. Kate says he never touched her. Kate screams, "look out." Mars looks up to see a black horse runs across the road. Mars swerves and hits a pole. The airbags deploy and Kate never loses consciousness, while Mars is stunned. She reaches over and grabs his keys. He comes around and Kate punches him. She starts to undo the cuffs and struggles with her again. She ends up kicking him out the driver-side door. She moves over to the driver's seat and backs up back onto the road. She turns the lights on and sees the horse again before it runs into the woods. She then drives off, leaving Mars lying on the side of road.

In the Hatch, Locke and Michael are in the dome. Michael asks why they can't enter the numbers at any time. Locke says that until the alarm goes under four minutes, nothing can be typed in and he shows him. Michael wants to look at the hardware. Locke asks him not to break it.

Locke walks into the kitchen area and finds Eko sitting at the table. Locke says hello. Eko says that he has something for Locke to see, but wants to start at the beginning. Eko tells him about Josiah, King of Judah. At that time, the Temple was in ruin so the people worshipped idols. Josiah decided that he needed to rebuild the Temple . He sent his secretary to the treasury. The secretary's instructions were to give all the gold to the workers so that they would rebuild the Temple . However, the secretary returned with no gold. Josiah wanted to know why. The secretary answered that they found a book. At this point, Eko asks Locke if he knows the story and Locke says that he does not. Eko continues and explains that the secretary had found an ancient book, the Book of the Law. Eko says that Locke might better know it as the Old Testament. Josiah ended up rebuilding the Temple with the ancient book, rather than gold. Eko then tells Locke that they found another bunker "much like this one" and found a book in that bunker. He un-wraps the package to reveal a Bible. He tells Locke what he finds inside the book will "be of great value" to him. Locke has a smirk on his face, but it disappears when he opens the Bible to find a hole cut in the pages and a roll of film hidden in it. Locke holds it up and sees Dr. Marvin Candle in the frames.

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