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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209):

Island Mysteries:
  • Kate sees a black horse several times. Sawyer sees it once as well, which seems to validate it as "real" and not just a hallucination of Kate's.
  • Michael notices blast doors in the Hatch, which had not been mentioned by either Desmond or the Orientation film.
  • Locke has set up two-person six hour shifts to continue pushing the button with all the survivors on the duty roster.
  • The computer will not accept any input from the keyboard until the timer goes under four minutes.
  • The Bible that was found by the tailies in the abandoned "Arrow" Dharma bunker had a portion of the Orientation film hidden in it.
  • The computer apparently can receive and send communications to somewhere else.

  • The Orientation film (the missing portion that was found in the tailies' bunker):
  • The computer is not to be used for anything other than entering the code.
  • Entering the code is its only function.
  • The isolation of duty at Station 3 may tempt one into trying to use the computer to communicate with the outside world.
  • Such attempted communication is strictly forbidden.
  • Such attempted communication would "compromise the integrity of the project" or even lead to another incident.

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