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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209)
Kate's Flashbacks:

Kate sits on the steps outside a house playing with a lighter when a pickup truck drives up. A man climbs out and asks what she's doing there. He's drunk and seems to make a pass at her. She says she'll help him into bed. Inside, he notices a smell and wants to know what it is. She answers that it's probably just his breath. She gets him to the bed and he tells her that she's beautiful as she takes off his shoes. She doesn't acknowledge the compliment and then he asks if she's going to take his pants off too. She ignores that comment as well. He grabs her and tells her that she is beautiful. She pulls her arm from his grasp, tells him good night and leaves.

#1 Con't:
Kate walks outside, puts on her jacket, climbs on her motorcycle and rides off. Then the house explodes.

Kate walks into a diner with a pack. Her mother Diane, who is working as a waitress, asks her if she wants coffee or pie. Kate says she'd like a beer. Her mother wants to see some I.D. Kate says she's twenty-four. Diane says that since Kate insists on riding her "deathtrap" without a helmet, she isn't going to help the cause by getting Kate drunk. Kate's mother pours her some coffee. Kate asks her how her wrist. Her mother starts telling her that she banged it on a shelf in the kitchen, but Kate clearly doesn't believe her. Her mother says she "made her bed." Kate responds that her "bed is gone." Kate takes out an insurance policy and gives it to her mother. Diane asks if Wayne knows about it. Kate tells her to remember that Diane was here and that she never saw Kate. Diane wants to know what she did. She says she took care of her, that she has to go and she won't see Kate for a while. Kate gives her mother a hug and then leaves. Diane calls after her, wanting to know what Kate did.

Kate is in a Blue Bus Coach Lines terminal. She counts out some money and asks for a one way ticket to Tallahassee. A man behind her starts talking. He says that he "spent a week in Tallahassee one night. It was all strip malls and waffle houses." He asks what she's going to do in Tallahassee. She answers that she'll find something. He guesses that she has family there. She turns and says that she's just visiting. The man is Marshal Mars. He then asks if he knows her. She looks around and notices a man on the phone and another sitting nearby reading the paper. She then tells Mars that she doesn't think so as she gathers her stuff up. She tries to move off, but he stops her and tells not to run. She tries to get away, but he gains control as the other two agents move in to help. Mars tells her that she's under arrest for murder and cuffs her. She says that she didn't do anything. He says that her mother gave her up.

Marshal Mars is driving Kate back to be arraigned. Kate is cuffed and sitting in the passenger seat. It's a rainy night. Mars wants to know why she killed Wayne now. He says that the staged gas leak was amateur. Kate comments that he seems to have it all figured out. He replies that he has "her" figured out. She retorts that he doesn't know anything about her. He guesses that her "white trash" mother divorced her dad, hooked up with a drunk. She ended up marrying him and Kate had to deal with him sleeping in her dad's old bed and beating her mother up. He says that he believes that would be enough to make someone want to kill someone else. He just wonders what made her do it now. Mars asks if Wayne ever went after Kate. Kate says he never touched her. Kate screams, "look out." Mars looks up to see a black horse runs across the road. Mars swerves and hits a pole. The airbags deploy and Kate never loses consciousness, while Mars is stunned. She reaches over and grabs his keys. He comes around and Kate punches him. She starts to undo the cuffs and struggles with her again. She ends up kicking him out the driver-side door. She moves over to the driver's seat and backs up back onto the road. She turns the lights on and sees the horse again before it runs into the woods. She then drives off, leaving Mars lying on the side of road.

Kate walks into an Army recruiter's office and up to a desk. Sergeant Sam Austen is sitting at the desk, talking on the telephone. He sees Kate and cuts the phone call short. Kate sits down says hello. He says that the police and the US marshals are looking for her and that she shouldn't have come here. She says that she's been waiting for two hours. He asks her if what they are saying is true. Kate doesn't answer. He wants to know why she came to see him. She wants to know why he didn't tell her. He's not sure what she's talking about. She explains that she was making a scrapbook and called one of his CO's for pictures of him in uniform. Some of the pictures had dates showing that he was in Korea up until four months before she was born. She wants to know why he didn't tell her that Wayne was her father. He says because he knew she would kill Wayne and that her mother loved him. He says that when he left, she was five and he wanted to take Kate with him, but Kate's mother wouldn't let her. Kate asks why he didn't kill Wayne and he answers because he doesn't have murder in his heart. He says that he'll have to tell the law about her. She asks for an hour and he agrees. She gives him a hug, says "bye, Daddy," and walks out.

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