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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
"What Kate Did" (#209):

Act 4:
Jack chops wood with an ax near the beach. Hurley walks up and says "hey." He attempts to break the ice with a comment about being surprised that Rose's husband is white. Jack ignores the comment and asks what Hurley wants. Hurley says he was just taking a walk. He asks who is looking after Sawyer. Jack answers, "Sun is." Hurley asks Jack if he's mad at Sawyer. Jack laughs and asks why he would be mad at Sawyer. Hurley says that he's "down here" chopping wood like Sawyer usually does. He calls it transference and he had heard it in the mental hospital.

In the Hatch, Sun sits with Sawyer, apparently grinding something up using two spoons. Kate walks up and asks about Jack. Sun says she doesn't know since he didn't come back. Kate asks if Sawyer has said anything and Sun says that he hasn't. Sun then asks her if she can stay with Sawyer. Kate doesn't answer right away. Sun starts to say that she can stay with him a little longer, but Kate says that she can stay with him. Sun tells her thank you, gets up and walks out.

Flashback #5:
Kate walks into an Army recruiter's office and up to a desk. Sergeant Sam Austen is sitting at the desk, talking on the telephone. He sees Kate and cuts the phone call short. Kate sits down says hello. He says that the police and the US marshals are looking for her and that she shouldn't have come here. She says that she's been waiting for two hours. He asks her if what they are saying is true. Kate doesn't answer. He wants to know why she came to see him. She wants to know why he didn't tell her. He's not sure what she's talking about. She explains that she was making a scrapbook and called one of his CO's for pictures of him in uniform. Some of the pictures had dates showing that he was in Korea up until four months before she was born. She wants to know why he didn't tell her that Wayne was her father. He says because he knew she would kill Wayne and that her mother loved him. He says that when he left, she was five and he wanted to take Kate with him, but Kate's mother wouldn't let her. Kate asks why he didn't kill Wayne and he answers because he doesn't have murder in his heart. He says that he'll have to tell the law about her. She asks for an hour and he agrees. She gives him a hug, says "bye, Daddy," and walks out.

Kate sits next to Sawyer in the Hatch. She asks Sawyer if he can hear her. He doesn't answer. She then calls him Wayne and now Sawyer mumbles. She says something about being crazy and then starts talking to Sawyer like he's Wayne . She knows that he [Wayne] asked why she did it [killed him]. She says that it wasn't because he drove Sam away, or because of the way he looked at her, or because he beat Diane. Kate says she did it because she hated knowing that a part of her was Wayne and that she would never be "good," or have anything "good." She then says that every time she looks at Sawyer, she is reminded of Wayne and it makes her sick. Just then Sawyer comes around, saying that "was about the sweetest thing I've ever heard." He then asks who Wayne is. He then notices that he's in a bunk bed. He asks if they've been saved and she says that they haven't been "yet."

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