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"What Kate Did" (#209):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Jin walks out of he and Sun's tent. She walks out behind him and holds him. Hurley comes out and gives Jin a thumbs-up when Sun looks away. Sun sees Sayid digging a grave.

Jack tells Sawyer that he's sorry that it hurts. He wants Sawyer to show him how to take a bullet out with his bare hands. Sawyer asks "where is she." Jack says that she's been watching him for 24 hours and went to get something to eat. Sawyer says that he oes her.
Kate is trying to climb down a tree where she has picked some fruit.

Kate is on the ground, picking up some of the fruit when she sees a black house.

Flashback #1:
Kate sits on the steps outside a house playing with a light when a truck drives up. A man climbs out and asks what she's doing there. He's drunk and makes a pass at her. She says she'll help him inside. Inside, he wants to know what that smell is. She answers that it's probably his breath. She gets him to the bed and he tells her that she's beautiful. She doesn't acknowledge the compliment and then he asks if she's going to take his pants off too. She ignores that comment as well. He tells her that she is beautiful. She pulls her arm from his grasp, tells him good night and leaves.

Flashback #1 Con't:
Kate walks outside, climbs on her motorcycle and rides off. Then the house explodes.

Act 1:
Flashback #2:
Kate walks into a diner. Her mother, who is working as a waitress, asks her if she wants something to eat. Kate says she'd like a beer. Her mother wants to see some I.D. Kate says she's 24. Kate asks her how her wrist. Her mother start telling her a story of how she hurt it and Kate interrupts her. Kate takes out an insurance policy and gives it to her mother. She says she took care of her and she won't see her for a while. Diane wants to know what Kate did.

Kate walks into the hatch and asks how Sawyer is. Jack says he's okay. He tells her that she should go down to the beach for Shannon . Kate says that she'll stay, because Jack should be there. He tells her to keep Sawyer hydrated and to not forget to push the button.

Ana Lucia is driving a stake into the ground with a rock when Eko walks up. He tells her that he's going to the funeral. Ana Lucia says that she's probably not going to make it. He tells her that most of them know it was an accident. Ana Lucia doesn't say anything.

The survivors gather on the beach. Jack and Charlie can be seen just joining.

Sayid walks over to the grave. He says that the two of the them were strangers and wouldn't have met or even spoken if not for the . [he can't say 'plane crash']. He says that they did speak and he loved her. He starts to cry, looks at Jack and walks off. Jack walks up, grabs a handful of dirt, and drops it over Shannon 's body. Locke follows his lead.

Kate puts Patsy Cline on the record player.

Kate talks to Sawyer. She tells him that she saw a horse, which happens when you don't sleep. Sawyer starts muttering and Kate comes closer. He suddenly grabs her by the throat and starts choking her. He says, "you killed me. Why did you kill me?"

Act 2:
The Hatch alarm goes off. Kate and Locke walk in. Jack looks for Kate. Locke runs to the dome. The counter is down to 22 seconds. Locke barely types the numbers in before the counter reaches zero.

Jack finds Sawyer on the floor. He helps him into bed. Locke asks what happened and where is Kate.

Kate is in the woods and Charlie walks up. He asks her about the funeral and tells her about Ana Lucia. Kate doesn't seem to be listening and he notices. She asks him if he thinks there are horses there.

Flashback #3:
Money is being counted out for Kate when a man starts talking to her. It's Mars. She realizes that he's the law. She tries to escape, but he stops her, says her mother gave her up and cuffs her.

Charlie plays the guitar and Jack walks up and asks him if he's seen Kate. Charlie says that she's on the path to the caves. Hurley asks if everything is okay and he says yeah.

Locke cuts the cuff over of Jin's wrist. Jin shows it to Michael. Michael asks Locke about the blast doors that can come down from the ceiling. Locke hadn't noticed them. Michael wants to know if Desmond said anything. Locke says that he didn't, but did leave a film. Michael says he wants to see and Eko, who has made his way into the Hatch, says he would like to see it too.

Kate sits in the jungle. Jack walks up and wants to know what is going on and what happened in the Hatch. She asks if Sawyer is okay. He says he is and she apologizes. He questions whether she really is sorry. She goes off on him about not being perfect like him and starts to walk off, but he won't let her. She calms down enough for them to share quite a kiss. She then gets a confused look on her face and walks off.

Act 3:
Dr. Candle is explaining that the code must be entered every 108 minutes. The film reaches the point where it skips, which both Michael and Eko notice. The film ends. Michael says that they've been pushing the button just because of the film.Michael asks about the missing pieces and Locke says there are just missing frames here and there. Locke asks Eko what he's thinks about the film, but Eko says nothing and gets up and walks out.

Kate sits next to Shannon 's grave. Sayid walks up and hangs a necklace on the cross. Kate apologizes for not being at the funeral because she was with Sawyer. Sayid asks why she's not with him now. She answers because she's going crazy. She asks him if he believes in ghosts. He says that he saw Walt in the jungle just before Shannon was shot, so does that make him crazy.

Flashback #4:
Mars is driving her back to be arraigned. It's a rainy night. Mars asks her why she killed him now. He says that the staged gas leak was amateur. She says he doesn't know her. He guesses that her mother divorced her dad, hooked up with a drinker who abused her too. She ended up marrying him and Kate had to deal with him beating her mother up. Mars asks if Wayne ever went after Kate. Kate says he never touched her. Just then a black horse runs across the road. Mars swerves and hits a pole. Kate pushes him out and backs out. She sees the horse again and then drives off.

Locke and Michael are in the dome. Locke shows Michael the computer and then Michael wants to look at the hardware.

Locke walks into the living area and finds Eko sitting at the table. He says that he has something, but wants to start at the beginning. Eko tells him about Josiah, King of Israel. Because the people were worshipping idols, Josiah decided that he needed to rebuild the Temple . He sent his secretary of the treasury to get some gold to build the Temple , but the secretary returned with no gold, but rather an ancient book, the Book of the Law. Josiah ended up rebuilding the Temple with it, rather than gold. Eko unwraps a Bible and says that it was found on the other side of the Island in another bunker. He tells Locke what he finds inside the book will give him the answers that he's looking for. Locke has a smirk on his face, but it disappears when he opens the book to find a hole cut in the pages and a roll of film in it. Locke holds it up and sees Dr. Marvin Candle.

Act 4:
Jack chops wood with an ax. Hurley walks up and says "hey." He breaks the ice with a comment about not seeing the fact that Rose's husband is white. Hurley asks him if he's mad at Sawyer, because he's chopping wood like Sawyer usually does. He calls it transference and heard it in the mental hospital.

Sun is sitting with Sawyer. Kate walks up and asks about Jack. Sun says he's not here. Sun then asks her if she can stay with Sawyer.

Flashback #5:
Kate walks into a recruiter's office and up to a desk. Sergeant Sam Austen is sitting at the desk. He hangs up the phone. He says that the law is looking for her. He wants to know why she came to see him. She tells him that she found out that he's not really her father because he was in Korea up until four months before she was born. She wants to know why he didn't tell her that Wayne really was her father. He says because he knew she would kill Wayne . He says when he left when she was five, he wanted to take her with him, but Kate's mother wouldn't let her. Kate asks why he didn't kill Wayne and he answers because he doesn't have murder in his heart. He says that he'll have to tell the law about her. She asks for an hour, gives him a hug, says "bye, Daddy," and walks out.

Kate sits next to Sawyer in the Hatch. She asks Sawyer if he can hear her. He doesn't answer. She then calls him Wayne and now Sawyer mumbles. She says something about being crazy and then starts talking to Sawyer like he's Wayne . She says knows that he [Wayne] wanted to know why she did it [killed him]. She did it because she couldn't stand to know that a part of her is him. She then says that every time she looks at Sawyer, she is reminded of Wayne and it makes her sick. Just then Sawyer comes around, saying that was a sweet thing to hear. He then asks who is Wayne and then wants to know where he is.

Act 5:
Eko and Locke are in the hatch dome. Locke talks about the odds of the film being cut apart, the survivors being on two different parts of the Island and thus bringing the two pieces of the film back together. Eko tells him not to mistake coincidence for fate.

Elsewhere in the Hatch, Kate helps Sawyer walk. He is convinced that they have been rescued. She takes him outside. He was really hoping that she was "yanking his chain." He suddenly gets a look on his face. Kate turns to see a black horse. She asks him if he sees it and he says he does. She walks over to the horse, which nuzzles her and then it walks off. Sawyer asks her if she knows the horse and she says she does.

Ana Lucia sits alone on the beach. Jack walks up and offers her some tequila. She asks him if he really wants to waste the drink on her.

In the Hatch, Eko and Locke are watching the film with the new footage. Candle says that they cannot use the computer for anything, but entering the code because trying to communicate with the outside world could compromise the project or even lead to another incident.

Michael is in the dome and hears a beep. He goes over to the computer to see "Hello?" displayed. He types in "Hello?" The answer comes back with "Who is this?" Michael types in, "This is Michael. Who is this?" The answer is, "Dad?"

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