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Tim Taylor was the (improbable) host of a local Detroit home improvement show sponsored by Binford Tools. He was often shown up at work by his assistant Al, and at home by his wife Jill. He often looked for sage advice from his neighbor Wilson, who had a vast knowledge of other cultures and whose face was never completely revealed. The show featured the gimmick of a show within a show with Tool Time. It also had elaborate effects usually revolving around Tim's overpowered tools getting out of control either on the Tool Time set or at his home.

- Tim Taylor hosts a local home improvement show, Tool Time.
- Jill Taylor is his intelligent wife.
- Brad Taylor is their oldest son, who is the athlete.
- Mark Taylor is their youngest son, who is introverted.
- Randy Taylor is their wisecracking middle son.
- Al Borland is Tim's assistant on Tool Time.
- Wilson is the Taylor's eclectic neighbor, whose face was never completely seen.
- Lisa was the first Tool Time girl.
- Heidi is the second Tool Time girl.
- Harry owns the local hardware store that Tim frequents
- Marty is Tim's younger brother
- Ilene is Al's girlfriend
- Benny is Tim's less than hard-working friend

Lightweight family sitcom that was centered around Tim's humorous ineptitude at home and at work on his home improvement show.

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